Overthinking Is The Root Of Problems

Ridhima Aggarwal
Jul 11, 2019   •  11 views

Overthinking is the art of creating problems that weren’t even there.

Most of the time when we are in a situation, we tend to complicate the scenario by overthinking it. We engage ourselves in the destructive thought process which doesn’t bring anything positive to us but only anxiety and unfavorable results. The inner voice in our head suppresses our protest and forces us to overthink in every situation. “She didn’t call me today. Why? Did I do something wrong? Did I say something wrong?” or “I can’t do this. I’m a loser. I’m just gonna embarrass myself and everyone else.” We will just think and think about being happy but never once be it.

This enemy inside us feeds on our negligible problems and makes it a big deal. Whenever we face a problem, we complicate it by allowing our mind to become a breeding ground for questions like what? Why? How? Our every worry starts with the question “What if..?” We start worrying about our past mistakes which doesn’t make sense anymore. We repeat the conversations in our mind we had with people and regret what we all said or what we should have said. Overthinking can be basically about either brainstorming about the past or worry about future. In any case you won’t rest your mind. The more we dwell in overthinking, the more we lose contact with the physical environment around us. It just sucks us in like a vacuum. We just keep repeating the thoughts and actions and think about such situations which can possibly never happen. It eats you from inside and sucks all your energy and ability to make decisions. Overthinking makes us vulnerable and we won’t realize but in no time we are caught in the vicious cycle of overthinking. It becomes an endless process and there is nothing to put an end to it unless we want to.

Stop overthinking. Calm down the nonstop chatter in your mind. Start occupying yourself in work. And by work means intense work. Don’t give your mind a chance to overthink. You should exercise so that you can take off your mind temporarily from things and concentrate on your health. Try anything which can distract you. Watch out for yourself when you overthink and remind yourself that it might happen once or twice but you won’t let it happen again. Remind yourself that overthinking takes you nowhere. Try to think about the things which make you happy instead. You should recall that you did your best in every situation and accept the way you are. Try to witness positive things around you and express gratitude towards everything every morning.

Overthinking and replaying same scenarios won’t help. Just let it all go, focus on your energy and save it from draining. Channel it in right direction rather than wasting it. Don’t try to stuck yourself somewhere you don’t belong because you always deserve the best.



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Samridhi Kurar  •  38w  •  Reply
Wow we have so many ideas in common 👍 amazing piece of content ❤️ Please check mine too
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Ridhima Aggarwal  •  37w  •  Reply
Hey!! Thankyou so much Samridhi. I read your article too on the same topic and it seems that we have actually a lot of thoughts in common.