“Who doesn’t see dreams?”  People from every nook and corner of the society see and believe in dreams but only few are able to fulfill them.

Great thinkers say “Dreams can be fulfilled if we persistently work upon them with dedication and zeal.” Irrespective of the situation and surrounding, one can rise up who has a great deal of courage and passion.

 But have you ever thought of some people who are unable to overcome their bitter situations? A person can believe in dreams only when he/she  can think of fulfilling them. Have you ever analyzed the situation of children who are left by their parents at an young age, are misguided and used by bad people in smuggling of drugs or in other bad things? These children at such tender age indulge themselves in such bad works to satiate their hunger. What about the dreams of such children? Can their dreams ever be fulfilled? Can they ever get money to study when they rarely manage to get food through their works. Govt gives funds to many orphanages ,old age homes and other organisations working for the welfare of mankind but has money ever reached to these unlucky children?  Of course not. They remain confined to their dark lives forever. These children having grown up in such surroundings turn out to be criminals and anti-socials in future.

Again what about the girls who are molested within the four walls of their houses by their own family members and relatives? Their voices are suppressed and their dreams are crushed upon. Even in worst cases, they are killed and set on fire. How can these girls dare to see dreams being in such situation? Who gonna take them out of such situation and provide them a better life? “Dream”

is a horrific word for them.

“Everyone sees dreams but few are able to fulfill them.”