“One cannot think well, love well and sleep well if one has not dined well.”

As true as the above quote is, the definition of good food varies from person to person. People of different regions, different generations and different personalities prefer different cuisines and relish a variety of tastes.

Where on one hand, people are ready to spend thousands of rupees to enjoy their favourite authentic meals, mostly of foreign cuisine. On the other, some people still enjoy the flavour of the street food more.

Highlighting the natural taste of fancy foods like caviar or oysters, the classy dishes have little spice added to it and are always expected to go along with rich, fancy and sophisticated gatherings with people knowing all the cutlery with elegant dresses and quiet and calming discussions all around the hall.

But if you are up for Gol Gappas, Chaats or other street food which are forever famous for the spices and condiments used in them, it would come with a certainty that you won’t find even a glimpse of sophistication or silence. Even when the street food is available on restaurants, it just tastes better when there are no rules or plush accompanying it. Gladly, the food doesn’t change its identity irrespective of where it is served.

Though it doesn’t mean people don’t alter the food according to their choices. Just liking the roadside noodles and Manchurian makes people believe that they love Chinese food whereas all of these misconceptions come to an end when one tastes the actual Chinese dishes, the ones without the Indian touch of spicy curries and sauces. It is just a habit of the Indians to alter the authentic dishes to fit into their comfort food zone. It just becomes a matter to wonder, that the pasta with sauces, peanuts and vegetables like capsicum or onion is not even close to what the Italians love.

With this, the most obvious conclusion is that how much ever the craze of authenticity in eating increases in the society, the taste buds of Indians respond well to their own tastes and the authentic food is very well blended with the spices of street food which India is actually famous for. And where some people love to take risks, go on to food adventures, most Indians are closely attached to their native tastes and instead of trying out new things, they convert everything to according to their appetite.



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There is no harm to alter the foods as per their own tastes and linings .But beware of adding colours in doing so