Divergent is a series of books which brings upon a very different concept of life in front of the people. The book revolves around the concept of a civilisation where the people are divided into different factions according to their characteristics that are determined by a certain brain test. They are trained and tested according to their factions who hate each other. Any person who qualifies for more than one faction is called a divergent, considered a threat to the society and killed. At the end of the series, a message from the ancestors clears out the fact that these factions were to be destroyed for the peace of humanity and a divergent person is the only one who can do that.

Wondering why this is being brought up here? I was just wondering, what if the system of caste and religion is working is based on the same system and is supposed to be ended for peace.

People of the world are clearly divided into many religions on the basis of their birth. They grow up learning all about their religion. They are taught how to fit into the society of their respective religions, how they are supposed to talk, what are they supposed to say and even whom they are supposed to pray to.

Much like the series, each religion hates the other. Continuous clashes are observed between these groups. There are blame games, destruction of each other’s lives and properties. There are different leaders and different gods they preach to.

Amongst this all, one more thing that one can relate with the series is the presence of that atheist person, the one who either doesn’t believe in all this or believes in and supports more than one religion. And it is a much observed fact that these people are far from being appreciated and are instead either beaten up or killed.

To me at least, it pretty much seems like a realistic version of the Divergent series. But what makes me think is the fact that if, only if there is a revolution big enough to prove that these religions are just something that was created by humans and are not truly what is good for humanity to exist.

I wonder, if that one divergent comes forward and with just one action all that people have ever lived and experienced in the name of religion. Maybe it would be when there wouldn’t be any Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian. It will be the time when everyone lives together for humanity.