What is a Pirate’s real jackpot? A bunch of merchant ships or the fountain of youth? Any real sea farer would say that the real treasure lies beneath the deep, deep ocean. Atlantis is not just another city, it is a civilization buried in the depths of Atlantic ocean. If you are expecting Aquaman’s sunken kingdom and an underwater mer-people battle, I can’t promise you that but I can clear your doubts regarding its existence.

What is Atlantis?

Legend claims that thousands of years ago, there existed a thriving civilization, full of prideful people who lived a lavish lifestyle and spited the Sea God, Poseidon. They ignored to pay respects to their deities and won their wrath. The angry Poseidon submerged the mighty empire and well, that’s what we call the “Lost City” today. And the submerged inhabitants were believed to have evolved to adapt underwater living situations. It is a land of the Promised, a city full of virgin treasure and the curiosity of people over the centuries.

So does Atlantis really exist?

Ancient philosopher Plato used mythical examples such as the legend of Atlantis in many of his writings. His story was about a fellow traveller who goes in search of the lost city to fulfil his curiosity. His story parallels with the ancient tale and talks all about how the people built a glass dome to help them survive.


Is Antarctica the real Atlantis? I know this sounds absurd but it’s just something to ponder over during your chemistry class to battle boredom and sleep. The tectonic shifts might have shifted the Treasure city to the south pole and cause it to freeze. There is a strong possibility that the Bermuda Triangle swallowed the city. Or is Atlantis the Bermuda Triangle? The reason why people never return home when they fly over the Bermuda Triangle is perfectly explained by this theory. There is a pretty good chance angry Atlantans capture humans from the “upper world” and hold them hostage. Some claim Atlantis is now somewhere in the Sahara Desert and some believe it is hidden under the Mediterranean Ocean.

The Truth

Sorry to break it to you but the legend of Atlantis might just be a legend and not history. It is a mythical island and the inspirational story behind successful movies. Sure, it has captured the attention of people all over the world with its interesting tale but there is little to no proof of its actual existence. It is just an ancient tale spun around to inspire super hero movies and make-believe characters.