"Modern Family"- one of the best prime time television shows that made a massive impact on the lives of American masses as they could see their true reflection in this show, the ups, and downs of families, the connection of families and eternal love is what grasped the audience's attention and made this show lovable amongst the viewers. The show was first aired in 2009 and reflected the modern life and love of the families.Here are a few interestingly shocking facts about this show that ran for ten seasons and rose to quick fame. They are as follows:

1)'Nolan Gould' who plays the character of Luke Dunphy who is portrayed as the dumbest character on the show is a real-life certified genius in real life. He graduated high school at the age of 13 and has been a member of MENSA since he was four years old, which is the largest and oldest IQ society in the world.

2)There is only one recurring character on the show that is a nonfamily member – Dylan which is played by 'Reid Ewing,' the on and off boyfriend of Haley Dunphy.

3)The creators of the show encourage and include the ideas of the cast into the scripts quite often and quite frankly that is what makes the show so saucy. 'Eric Stonestreet' who plays the role of Cam is a Kansas City Native and has often included small-town jokes in the script.

4)One of the features that make this show so dynamic is when the cast first started shooting, they made a pact amongst themselves that they will never view themselves as the lead actor and actress of the show, and considered themselves as supporting characters on the show.

5)'Jesse Tyler Ferguson' who plays Mitch has inspired the on-screen story of his character, as in real life Jesse had to explain his father thrice that he was gay, for his father to completely absorb this fact, and thus this process was included for the on-screen story of his character.

6)The sensational hit character of the show 'Cam the Clown' which is on-screen clown name for Cam is taken from the Eric Stonestreet's real life. Having supportive parents and the added support that his grandma allowed him to juggle and entertain at local birthday parties in his childhood, where his clown name was 'Fizbo, the clown.'

7)The first on-screen kiss by Cam and Mitchell in one of the background scenes was, in fact, one of the first kisses ever by a gay couple to be aired on the prime-time television.