Chalong : What Is There To See And Do?

Rajith Ramachandran
Jun 23, 2019   •  10 views

Located in the southern part of the Phuket province in the land of white elephants, Chalong has been attracting a great number of tourists for quite some time now.A great number of visiting places along with a moderate climate is nothing less than a treat for the tourists here.

Among all the places of attractions here the one which stands out is it’s temples. Phuket province contains 29 Buddhist temples among which the largest is present in chalong named ‘ Wat Chalong ‘. Buddhists & tourists alike flock to this place to worship, pray and explore new culture. It’s history is very shrouded and turmoil. It is believed that it was constructed during the reign of king Rama – II (1809-1842) & also it has acted as a site of refuge for locals against rioting tin miners. Tourists and others visitors believe that your visit is never complete if you leave out this place.

Another attraction which you must never miss out is ‘The Big Buddha ‘. It’s a 45m high & 25m wide statue which is decorated with burmers jade marble.Weighing around 135 tons it is also the highest landmark situated in the whole of Phuketisland. This lofty site gives the 360 degree view of the whole island along with being the one of the best places to witness a great sunset sight.

So now, we switch to the other places which attract people more than the temples and religious places.

If you are looking for a multisensual family experience then here’s the perfect place for you the ‘Phuket Botanic Garden’. Opened in 2012 this garden occupies 15-rai area of land.Being a dream place for a gardening lover, it offers many rare species of plants in more than 30 different selections. It has an orchid pavilion display, rainforest garden, winter garden etc. Around 50 varieties of cactus, palm trees, lotuses and water lilies are some of the attractions here. A piece ofadvice, no matter what never forget to take your camera here.

Now, as the name suggests ‘ Phuket Bird Sanctuary’ this place has a great diversity of birds, from‘ Pied Hornbills’ to ‘Nicobar pigeons’ or it be ‘African crowned cranes‘ and so on goes the list.This place has absolutely everything you need for a visual treat. This place also contains snack and drinks stands along with wooden tables to let people sit and enjoy the surroundings.

Now to the part which majority people consider as the best about chalong is ‘Koh hae’. Now, you might be wondering what it is ,isn’t it? But not to worry it’s just the local language of‘Coral Island ‘. Good number of beaches along with activities such as scuba-diving, surfing, snorkeling, amazing bike tours etc makes it a tourist enjoy his/her trip to the most. This place is very busy in the morning but becomes quite calm and beautiful by the evening.

Chalong’s middy East coast shoreline is best suitable for yacht mooring. Boat Lagoon, Yacht Haven, Royal Phuket Marina are the centres of intense boating. Also Chalong’s one of the most noticeable feature is it’s 720m long & 7m wide jetty.

So is it just visiting places and beaches enough for a trip? Certainly no! How about tasting and enjoying all those special & delicious food items around there ? No worries we have some special restaurants who have all the mouth watery stuffs which I’m pretty sure you’ll never want to miss out. Restaurants namely ‘KAN ENG@PIER’ , ‘MOMMA’S’, ‘ MR.INDIA’,’ SABAI SABAI RESTAURANT’ are among those which you must try when you’re there. Chalong is also famous for one more thing ‘Chalong Bay Rum’, again one of the things which you should at least try once in a lifetime.

Last but not the least the best time to visit Chalong is between mid-December to end-February. It is at this time that the climate is the best with the temperature being around 29-30 degree Celsius. So when are you planning your Chalong trip ?