I was awakened by the jingling of the door knob, which was being rattled continuously. It opened suddenly, and a lady with her hands full stepped inside, shutting the door again. Bowing down to me, for some reason everyone’s being doing that since I arrived in the throne room. The lady had her hands full, with one hand holding a basket of clothes, and another holding a basket with a lid on it.

‘Frue, I bought clothes and breakfast for you. You can bathe after finishing breakfast. The Konungur ordered for you to join him in the throne room in an hour.’ Said the lady calmly. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know the system of this place, but when the king said to lock me up, I didn’t expect to be locked up in a room out of a Vogue magazine, with vintage furnishings and carpets, and chandeliers. In fact, I expected a musty basement full of prison cells, stinky and inhabitable, but definitely not this.

‘What’s Frue and Konungur? Who wants to meet me and why?’ I asked just as she turned to leave.‘Frue means madam, which I addressed to you. Konungur means The King, who has requested to meet you in an hour’ she replied stoically, and left the room.

An hour later, I was standing in front of the throne gates, wearing a soft blue gown, in the local fashion, but more high-end looking. I was taken into the throne room. As I entered, all the people in the room stood up, bowed as a way to honor my presence, and sat down again. The king, like yesterday, dismissed everyone from the room, except for a few guards, who stood behind the throne.

The king then proceeded to sit on the throne, casually, and asked ‘I will ask again, who are you? Where have you come from?’

‘Now you ask me questions? After locking me up?’

‘Answer me, NOW!’ he said, furious at my incompliance.

‘I’m Rayna, and what am I supposed to say to where I’m from? You tell me where I am, and how I ended up here. I landed in a river, when one second I was looking at a mirror!’

‘Wait, you came here by touching a mirror? That isn’t possible. It cannot be.’

‘Yeah exactly, dude. I don’t even do drugs, so it can’t be possible. I must be dreaming.’

‘Whatever you’re blabbering about is not important, Rayna. I know what I’d say would be crazier, but you have to listen. A few years ago, 26 to be precise, my wife died. My wife had a special ability, one that not many people knew about. Anything that reflects, she could use it to teleport. But, she’d have to make contact with it. Now, it could’ve been anything, water, mirror, jewelry, cutlery, and could go from place to place if she willed to. This had cost her her life. Because when the people found out, that the Queen had been hiding such powers, they became jealous. There had been a prophecy’

By this time my head was spinning. Too much information in too little time, that my brain wasn’t able to comprehend. It was crazy, to say the least.

‘Are you even listening?’ he asked, exasperated.

‘So, the Queen is dead? Because people got jealous? And how do I come into this?’ I asked, exasperated as well.

‘Well, when my wife died, she must’ve transferred her powers to you. Since we had no child, there was no heir to the powers she cultivated. She was one of a kind and couldn’t let powers like hers just vanish into air. I just wish she’d chosen someone from this world, rather than yours.’

‘Wait, what do you mean this world, and my world? Are you saying that I’m on some other planet? Why does it look like mine? It’s cool, but what the hell?’

‘Sweetie, it’s another galaxy. You understand our language, because we want you to. You’re here because my wife wanted you to be.’

‘So, send me back. I didn’t come here willingly. I didn’t ask for this, and never will. Your wife is dead, I am not. I have a life back home.’

‘I would do that, but your life is in danger. Everyone in the village saw you, an alien being captured and brought to me. Word has already spreaded to other nations about you. They will be coming for you.’

These words had chills running down my spine, and sweat dripping down my face. I would gladly face my goo faced boss right now than be here.