What makes someone your friends? What features do you search for in a good friend?

The start of a friendship is two people sharing a common interest. We enjoy being around people who share our likings, whether it’s a hobby, food, or even discovering we share a common birthday month, we just like to be with them. Another important bond in a friendship is loyalty. We all want friends who will stick by us when it gets tough. We want friends who will keep our secrets a secret. And certainly, we want friends who will encourage, cheer us, and motivate us. Close friends soon become a family. Our mood, or anything related to us become important for them. They stay with us despite of all our shortcomings. Words don’t count when we are talking of them… stories go on and on and on.

My best friend is a crazy creature…created by god but he has stopped manufacturing products like her. You know why??? Because he got scared after seeing her breaking things… and creating mess on earth.

A Brahmin but loves chicken of KFC. Every guy of the world is brother for her but it takes hardly two days for any guy to propose her after meeting…😂 silly thought but yeah this is true. She is fun to be with. So caring, so sharp, and all you need when you are upset. A remedy to everything.

I can share an incident that bust me into laughters till date. Ummm… it’s the story of school days, we use to go school by our two-wheelers. It was the time of returning home and by best friend, the tragedy queen was a new driver. We were on the way to home crossed a signal and she stopped her vehicle at one side of the road. I thought she’s coming behind me and I continued to drive. Suddenly after few seconds I heard voice of two vehicles dashing and I prayed it shouldn’t be her. But her life without tragedy was not possible at all. It was her dashed by some man. On asking why she stopped her vehicle, she said that there was a fight going on the road and she wanted to know what the matter is….crazy… I mean who would do that??🙄

School passed on, days of graduation completed. We had fabulous life together. Pushing each other into problems and taking out each other from them. Life was a heaven. But life has changed now, same town, same place, same routes, but with changed people. Something happened… don’t know what. But the two BFFs stopped slaying together. We don’t have fun anymore. I haven’t met her from months. Not heard from her since days. People change and so do their existence. No one is constant. Now here I am all alone, cherishing our memories, crossing hurdles of life and hoping to get my best friend back someday.