Racism isn't born,
It's taught.
What is the skin colour of God ?. Do you know anything about them, their race, their language. Inspite of this , there is a belief that we trust them.

Nowadays, the problem of racism is prevailing in almost every country . Racism is a world wide social issue that differentiate people with skin colour . Basically , racismis a person who belief some race are better than others.

This problem is very serious and worst . In many countries blacks are treated as slaves and even like an animal by the whites . Racism leads to slavery , war and the formation of nepotism and legal codes.

In India white people think themselves also as superior over black people and poor people.Gandhi Ji also mention one of his experience in his book " Prisoner of Hope "

Where he told about how badly the black are treated .
One of the main reasons for racisism is ognorance means the lack of knowledge or education.We atre the same we should not discriminate others.Racism is like aseed which saw in the mindset of people in the early childhood.It can result harmfully that it can even kill a person mentally as well as physically. We couldnot determine a person by just lookin at his or her facial/skin colour .

There are too many advertisement which encourage the use of fairness creams, but don't you think that the person is beautiful by his/her own heart , ideas , views & opinions .

There are many ways to prevent racism like by making laws and executing those in the society . Everyone should teach their children , to make them away from the stereotypes. We have to think before speak out, tolerate others and prevent fightings.