to all people who will ever come here ..

Lessons i learned in life but would not be able to implement it, but i hope this message will resist birth of one more topper

1, Don't make anyone your weakness that even a small word of their will give you a ever lasting cut on your soul .
2. Don't ever get in relationship with anyone .Just be focused what you want to do in your life .Marry a girl and then love her . Because if you love a girl and then want to marry her .there may be a case when you have to face a disastrous situation of change in loyalty .
3.Never call a girl your wife unless you marry her , because attaching your soul with someone without proper rituals can cause you ultimate pain ,which could result in death
4.Lean to listen to your parents , You can trust your feelings but be cautious if your faith fails ,it can be disastrous for you .
5. Don't attach yourself with anyone madly .
6.If you are approaching a girl ,Be very sure to ask her caste in the next few conversations .That's the most important detail you need to have before you are figuring your life with anyone .
7. If at the end you fail to follow the above points there are high chances you will be in a very difficult situation , i could say anything to motivate you but i know it will be very difficult for you
Accept that difficulties and tears gracefully .
8. Try to make goals for next 3-4 months ,there can be a situation where you can end your life .So ,try to secure your family with a term insurance once you see all signals red .
9. Don't be afraid either be anyone ,remember one thing that it's temporary .One day it would end with your death .So try to live as many days as you can live with that suffocation .
10. Trust me it would be very brutal , but you have to stretch until you can .

Once you fell its over you can quit , there might be photos on social media ,comments and rest many things .But remember one thing that you are a mortal and you have a choice to end this at any point of time .So decide accordingly and be brave enough .

Remember always never give a power to someone to control yourself , the day you do that and once the same person decides to use that power against you . YOU WILL BE OVER .

For a some person our HEART gets sometimes too brave enough , that we are ready to challenge the god , but the same Heart sometimes get too coward  .