What comes to your mind when you think of the word "emotion"?Probably,different emotions such as happiness,sadness,fear,surprise and a lot moreAnd,chances are while reading this article, you are feeling one or trying to escape one.So,what exactly are these emotions?In a layman's language,they can be defined as the feelings,thoughts that we experience from time to time or simply put,our mental state of being.But, I know that it's actually more complex than that and includes various other factors,such as our mood,temperament,personality to name a few.Also,there are these basic emotions,such as joy,sadness,fear,etc. and there are complex emotions, such as anxiety,boredom,calmness,confusion and a whole lot more.

But,why do we experience so many emotions and how to take charge of them?Well,for this,I suggest you think of your emotions as your tenants and yourself as the owner.Now,if emotions are your tenants,they come and go and what is permanent is the owner.So,if you are feelimg any negative emotion such as sadness or anxiousness,don't beat yourself up for having these as once they are done with their stay,they'll leave you.Think of them as people in your surroundings;every person is different and so are the emotions.We obviously want to stay with positive and uplifting people,in the same way we always want positive emotions of joy and excitement.But,not every tenant is a good one.In the same way,some emotions are positive and some not so positive,but that doesn't mean you throw out your tenant immediately from your house.Most of the people try to work out a way or negotiate and reach a middle path.In the same way,if you are experiencing an emotion which is making you uncomfortable,try to deal with it instead of shooing it away,accept it and figure out from where that feeling/thought of negativity is coming.If you are able to identify it,you've reached the middle path and just have to try to control having these not so pleasant emotions.I know it's not that easy and in the meantime, you can just accept them,deal with them in a calm way by avoiding violence and harm of any sort- to yourself and your surroundings.

Oh,did I mention the perks of having tenants in your house?Well,there are many such as source of financial income in the form of rent,safety and security of the house to name a few.Well,guess what?Every emotion we experience pays us some rent.Now,the amount may vary but you are still getting something which is better than nothing.So,it's pretty obvious that all the positive emotions give you rent in the form of happiness,love,contentment,satisfactionand basically all the good stuff.But,what about the negative emotions?These also give us something in return, such as patience to deal with different situations,they teach you the power of gratitude,they tell you how to deal with failure,help you in differentiating the good from the bad and above all,help you to become a better version of yourself ,identifying your mistakes and correcting them,focusing on your strenghts and basically be in control of your emotions.It may not be to your liking at that moment but definitely benefits in the long run.

So,always try to have more positive emotions and less negative emotions and most of all don't be afraid of your emotional self.Have the power to tap into your emotions as they are all valid and so are you.Just remember you are not your thoughts and feelings,they come and go like a tenant but as an owner ,you know who you are as a true person.

"Don't let the emotions get the best of you and blind you from the truth".