Emotions are part of our being. They are expressions of our feelings towards something or someone or during particular situations that strike our emotions to act out. Our mind having different thoughts, our body the giver of emotions all operate as an integrated system in order to produce the appropriate action. Also emotions tell us who we are. The number of times we perform it gives us a picture of the type of person we are. There are different emotions: happy, sad and gloomy, anger, disguisted, fear.,etc.


It can be picturized by a smile on people's faces. But there are 2 sides, where some people have a happy face but being sad within. This shows how strong they are to manipulate their emotions which is well integrated and controlled by their thoughts. We come across many such people in our lives starting from our home- our family who support us put all their sweat and blood for us to make us always happy and not make us even a bit near pain not realizing all the struggles they undergo that satisfy their level of love and affection for their children. People who are always happy and who can turn any negative situation into a positive one are capable of adapting to any challenge in their lives. They share their positive feelings with others. A smile is very contagious. It can spread to any corner of the world. It is very addictive. People easily fall for it. Sometimes becomes really hard to come out of it. Laughter has many benefits giving us happy memories and being the best medicine.

"Be always cheerful and gay,

That will stay,

When you slay the saddnees,

At it's heart,

Bringing the perfect curve,

That flushes our sad emotions out,

Giving a shine on our faces,

That is on a pace,

For a happy life."

May the best curve on your face win your heart.
Sad and gloomy:

The next common emotion that is antonym to the previous one is being sad and gloomy. These arise when people come across tearful situations like a sword that shatter their hearts to pieces difficult to come back from that experience. Strong people are those who take only the good from those times that glue the pieces of their heart making them whole and happy again. Many people are left scarred from their past experiences. These people try hard to inject their lives with all the good memories collected during their life journeys and help them to recover from tragic incidents. There is a saying where "There is Good in everything, even in the most depressing moments". Only when people undergo sufferings in their lives, they enjoy the fruits of success. When the experiences are really heart -stricking, people choose not to recover from it, ultimately leading to life threatening activities like suicide.etc.

Life can let you down,
But choose to get up and
Do what is right,
For there is light,
In every fight
For struggle,
That wriggle
Every corner of our life
That act as a knife to kill our happy memories.

Check out the next set of emotions in my next article.