Top Five Korean Drama To Watch

May 31, 2019   •  55 views

I started watching Korean drama from last year. My first kdrama was heirs from then I'm totally hooked to kdramas. Till now I think I have watched almost twenty-five kdramas. Honestly watching these dramas I totally started liking Korean food, Korean skincare and not to forget Korean actors. South Korea is another should go place on my travel list. Here is my top personal favourite Korean drama to watch.

Descendants Of Sun

This drama is the most popular show across Asia. I personally love army, navy men I mean look at them they look perfect. The plot revolves around a love story between a soldier and a doctor who faces difficulties in their love life because of their professions. Apart from romance, you get to see the life of soldiers, some real action, world issues etc. It is a very interesting drama you can't get your eyes off. Their chemistry is so bang on, no wonder they got married later in real life.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

If you are a rom-com fan then this is a typical kdrama which is light, romantic, funny drama. The storyline is about a narcissistic CEO and his secretary where she suddenly decides to quit the job but both end up falling in love with each other crazily. Just get some popcorn and enjoy this 'typical drama aww moments' like holding hands, forehead kisses, eating ramen together. So pleasing and romantic.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

This drama is a complete refreshment pack. A coming age story about college athletes trying to fulfil their dream and finding love. It illustrates some true light to college romance, friendship, relationship, jealousy, fights, sports. The best thing about this drama is it shows women power and of course her love for food. You can watch this drama and recollect your college life and love life.

My Love From The Star

Kdrama concepts are so unique especially for us Indians because our dramas suck. Always only heard about aliens but never saw them right? this story is about an alien who is stranded on earth and a former actress. And when I'm saying alien just don't think anything. He is the most handsome alien, never thought aliens look like that. Hahaha. They keep getting entangled in each other's lives and gradually things changes. imagine love between an alien and human. Do not wanna reveal any spoilers but it has a happy ending. It's an interesting series you gotta watch with a tinge of fantasy, fiction, romance, science etc.

Legend Of The Blue Sea

This drama is another unique one it is about a mermaid. By reading, mermaid doesn't think it's some childhood fairy tale kinda story. It's a mix of time travel, mystery, fantasy, politics, history, romance, comedy. A story about a male con player and female mermaid, how their fates put them together always and how love and life happened to them together. It's a supernatural drama. It will amaze you to another level.

I wrote this drama last because I wanted to add a few more dramas of Lee Min Ho. I like him and is a really great actor. If you wanna watch more do watch heirs, boy over flowers. They are really some nice dramas. Happy binge-watching