Sudan. Currently, it is a damn sensitive issue and very cruel. But don't you think we all as fellow humans should know what exactly is happening? Why are so many people dying and getting raped? What is chaos all about?

What's happening in Sudan?

The citizens of Sudan are being brutally killed, raped daily from their Sudanese government military force.

Why is it happening?

It is because the government of Sudan raised prices of their every day livelihood items like from fuel to food.

So to respond to that, protestors took to the streets so as to send a message that they wished Sudan's long leader Omar al-Bashir to step down or be off from power.

Later when the leader had been overthrown from the power, Sudan has been ruled by the military government. The protesters of Sudan want the military council to transfer power to a fully civilian government. Which didn't reconcile well and on June 3 the military killed dozens of protesters. The military started attacking the general public brutally by tear gas, murdering and raping them. They are being killed, raped and being thrown away in the river Nile. 120 people were killed and 80 women have been raped. Such cruelty.

Can we do something? I don't know exactly but Donations obviously if you wanna help. And also let as many people as possible know about this crisis happening in Sudan probably it is also a kind of help to them. But what is with social media being flooded with other types of strategies in the name of Sudan just to increase its followers base. What's with likes, followers and shares to provide food and shelter to them in such a massacre. Let's all help them in the name of humanity without expecting anything.