How Important Is It To Love Yourself

Jun 08, 2019   •  53 views

What exactly is love yourself/self-love mean? What according to you is your meaning of love yourself? Or oh wait do you even love yourself to define what it is? And if you do how much do you love yourself? Is there any process to love yourself? Is there any meter to calculate self-love? Is self-love really necessary to yourself? I had all these questions haunting in my head when my friends use to tell me to love myself and be considerate to myself.


You know loving yourself is the most important thing you should do to yourself. It's a necessity. I mean we have always heard that before you love anyone else you gotta love yourself. And it took me years to understand that self-love isn't simply a reasonably physical method. For several people, we'd like to find out a way to conquer and keep our demons in restraint. Acceptance of the truth of what we tend to face would be the primary step. Once accepted, we tend to then ought to tackle each the ups and also the downs before we will really move forward towards amendment. Endeavouring to prevent what we tend to feel could appear sort of a resolution within the moment — however, the matter might grow larger than what it originally is within the long-term if it wasn’t self-addressed.

Self-love is all about accepting yourself and being confident. Don't let anyone tell you that you don't deserve something, don't let anyone tell you that you aren't worthy of something, don't let anyone tell you can't do something, don't let anyone judge you and even if they do, don't let it affects you. Don't let anyone reduce your confidence. Don't let anyone bully you.

If you only love yourself at 20%, that means somebody can come along and love you 30%, you are like wow, that's so much. Whereas if you love yourself 100%, then a person who falls in love with you has to go beyond that level.
  • Accept yourself - Don't be harsh on yourself. Whatever it is accept yourself for who you are. Don't compare yourself with anyone and think you're any inferior.

  • Pace yourself - Don't stress yourself. You will do it.

  • Appreciate yourself - Sometimes things don't go right. Don't blame yourself. Appreciate that you tried to make it right.

  • Prioritise yourself - Put yourself first, think about yourself. It's nothing wrong in it. You gotta do it before anybody else.

  • Don't give up on yourself - Sometimes don't happen as you want. They will hardships in life. Don't mistrust and give up on yourself ever.

  • Know your worth - Always know what you are capable. If someone is not serving you right, leave it.

  • Believe in yourself - You gotta believe in yourself before anyone else. That's how you can achieve the things you want.

  • Compliment yourself - Encourage yourself every now and then. It helps you grow.

  • Respect yourself - Self-respect is significant after all. Don't let yourself down for anyone. Stand tall.

  • Above all, however you are, whatever you are, love yourself.