I lost myself,as I found alone myself in the crowd,

There is some kind of silence which is full of noises which ruins me in every second.

I don't know where I am standing right now
I tried hard to move away but I couldn't.

In this stillness there are many questions which are stammering in my mind and I don't want to answer any of them.

But how far I can run or escape from these questions or moreover from these confusions.
How far?
I know that One day I need to answer for no one but for myself,

for to move on.

Though I have to postmortem myself to find myself,

Segregating the emotions

Sometimes I get scared to run out of time becoz I don't want to let anyone to say that it's too late.

My mother always said to me that it's never been too late to live your dreams or to live yourself.

Which gives me hope to fail, to stand again, to move on but not to stop,

Becoz it's worst than defeating 

It's just like that you are loosing yourself

Don't let yourself to become dead

Don't let yourself alienated.

Don't let anyone affect you.

Live your way to your sky proudly

Just be yourself.

-Khushi Singhal