The movie is an official remake of Arjun reddy which made Vijay deverkonda a household name pan south india and a little in Northern india thanx to Online streaming portals.

Now to list the Pros and Cons of the movies in a brief manner


  1. Shahid kapoor is the soul and life of the movie.

  2. Screenplay and Story is ultimate Love story, after a long time intense love story hits you so hard and with such an ease.

  3. Direction by Sandeep Reddy is the backbone to keep this long runtime movie making it not boring at any scene at all.The treatment, narrating style and the nuances of the detailing of each and every characters attitude be top class is all because of the Direction done by Mr.Reddy.Kudos!!!

  4. Kiara advani has done a decent job and looked gorgeously girl next door while other supporting actors are also up to the mark and helped Shahid Kapoor’s character to grow on audiences mind while watching the movie.

  5. Music is decent and the background score is par excellence for the kind of character and rebellious nature of the story want to potray.


  1. Run Time may be a little pain for few.