Nobody ever said that dreaming was harmful, being completely smitten by the very idea of happiness in a dream is sure a great fantasy to look for. Fantasizing about something sure is great fun until when we come to know that its nothing really but a fantasy in itself. Fantasy is nothing but an illusion, a false idea that gives us the hope of a new reality, one that we control, one that we in every possible way rule, but the harsh reality is that fantasy has no basis in actual reality, it is just an illusion created by our mind to comfort us.

Fantasizing is however not a bad thing, sure it will give us some false realizations but still sometimes escaping from the cold truth is not such a bad thing after all but only to the point where we realize that now its finally time to wake up and face all our fears, our problems valiantly.

The fantastic idea of fantasy is what paves the way for most of the vivid and unimaginable imaginations. An illusion of a perfect idea is the very essence that a writer has for writing anything. Fantasizing about a completely different world, say a world where dragons roam freely, the dinosaurs still walk the earth or even we have established the confirmation on the existence of aliens and in even a more imaginative and creative mind, that of a child we are even friends with them, isnt this fascinating. This is all possible because we have the power to imagine.

Sure the world of fantasy is an illusion but it is an illusion which means a lot to someone, it is a place where we can all hide from our everyday problems for once believe that everything is going to be fine but that is all a fantasy. The world of fantasy is really a beautiful place that everyone should definitely create with their own beautiful minds as again nobody ever said that dreaming was such a bad thing as the ones who dream only have the power to convert those dreams into reality by hard work and passion and also the madness to achieve it.



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Nicely written! :)
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Nicely written dude!
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thanks bro
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This is one of the most beautiful articles.