Cause Somewhere We All Are Same:-!

Khushi Singhal
Jun 01, 2020   •  0 views

Somewhere we all lockdown in our hearts,

We all have plenty of time to say things but still we bind ourselves with tinge of fear or hesitation;
Our minds are full of illusions and we called them dreams and fantasies,

Somewhere we all are escaped from realities but living in a world of reality,

With every morning we have hopes
Hopes to make these illusions somewhere dreams and then present in this reality.

Reality with full of disagreements
Disagreement on thoughts, on beliefs, on grounds,
Disagreement on where you come from or what is your religion?

Today somewhere we all are at war,
war with ourselves for our hopes, for our identities, and for our interests.

We all are same:humans.

_Khushi Singhal