Environmental Peace On Corona Outbreak

Apr 02, 2020   •  12 views

novel corona virus is the most serious issue in the world. Scientists are trying to find out the solution to this issue. Due this world outbreak we are all in lock down. This might leads to many problems like lowering in economy , likewise we will face many problems economically. But we will rectify all these problems one day or the other by working hard to compensate all these days.

Every companies, industries, vechiles, schools, colleges everything is locked up due to corona outbreak.But when we notice on our environment it is so clean.there is no emissions, green house gases, the industries which releases enomorous gases like carbon dioxide, methane, carbonTetrachloride, Sulphurdioxide, these gases are not there.

Traffic level has decreased in all over world by 70 %. These dramastic change on the environment will not happen in normal days.

Emissions of gases levels are also get decreased. India's capital state delhi faces many environmental air problems due to the emissions of gases from leather industries and vechiles. Now it is reduced, due to nobel corona.

Every science students need to be worry about the situation that is happening around in the world. Due to corona outbreak ther is many human loses we need to find a medicine. we are struggling to face the situation but as an zoologist it is happy to see the environment is good and the animals were happy due the humans lock down