Fish curries, Moist weather, aroma of agarbattis, art, culture, history are all in one land - Bengal. During the partition, Bengal was divided into two parts - East Bengal and West Bengal. East Bengal is now called Bangladesh with the majority of Muslim Bengalis and West Bangal is in India and most of the Hindu Bengalis live here. And the capital of West Bengal is Calcutta (now Kolkata). The city is a metropolitan city and is quite populated like Jaipur and Pune. Kolkata can never leave you disappointed. People call Kolkata as the City Of Joy because one can find Fun, Food and Festivals here.

How to reach

Kolkata is 1515 kms away from delhi and it is quite difficult to travel via road.

By rail- Sealdah and Howrah railway station are two main rail head in Kolkata connected to major cities of India.

By air- The nearest airport is the Netaji Subhash Chanfra Bose Airport situated in Dumdum, 15 kms away from the main city.

Best time to visit

The bestest time to visit Kolkata is between the month of November to February as in winters the temperature is pleasant ranging between 9 to 11 degree celsius but the summers are too hot here.

Heritage and history of Kolkata

Kolkata was formerly known as Calcutta during the Bristishers period. The city has various historical monuments, old buildings, churches. People can also see the yellow embassador taxis. And earlier, the main means of transport for the people of Kolkata was Trams. And after so many years, in some selective parts of the city, people can see trams with a very cheap fare. Many streets are there in Kolkata which are named after the Bristish or Victorian personalities. For example- Charlie Chaplin Road.


The people of Kolkata are big foodies. They love eating and also serving and feeding their guests too. The major cuisine is rice and fish. Mostly bengalis eat fish. Some special fish dishes of Kolkata are Roi Maach, Papda, Prompet, Prawns etc. Except fish and rice, Eggrolls are also famous in Kolkata. Apart from all this, the city has many fine divine restaurants where one can enjoy the Bengali Food.

Bengali Sweets

The Bengali sweets are quite different from the common Indian sweets. The main dessert of Kolkata is Rasgulla (spoken as Rasogulla). Sondesh is another famous Bengali sweet made up of milk, coconut and milkmaid. Most of the Bengali sweets are made up of milk. Some of the other sweets are Poolipeetha, Moa, Naaru etc.

Places to visit in Kolkata

A. Howrah Bridge- The bridge is also called Rabindra Setu bridge, which is made up of steel. It goes across the river Ganga.

B. Victoria Memorial Museum- This museum is a famous tourist place of Kolkata, famous for its victorian architecture and gardens.

C. Nicco Park- Nicco Park is situated in Salt Lake City and is the most popular amusement park. It is also known as Disneyland of West Bengal.

D. Eco Park- As the name suggests, the Eco Park is the ecological and urban park. It stretches over 480 acres ground and is surrounded by a 104 acres of waterbody.



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