Why Is Nashik Tourism Under Mythological Study?

Priti Suna
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Hindu Devotees know all the spots where Ramayana events have taken place. You may be aware of the birthplace of Shri Ram and also have visited. Here I have wrote an article on Nashik the place where Lord Ram spent 14 years of exile after being the victim of Mata Kaikayee’s desires. Nashik in Maharastra is a Hindu Religious city. It is famous for wine tasting and the Kumbh Mela celebrated once in 12 years. This place is situated on the bank of river Godavari, the name of the place is derived from the epic story of Ramayana.


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The mythology of Ramayana is based on this place where Ravana’s sister Surpanakha tried to seduce Ram and got her nose cut off for the cause. There are many Hindu Temples in your Nashik tourism and they are the host to tourists visiting Shirdi and Trimbakeswaram. Besides that, there are lots of vine gardens. Sula Vineyard should be must in your itinerary in Nashik. It has a cocktail of temples, vineyards, waterfalls, hills and many more to offer.

1. Sula Vineyard


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The vast property of Sula Vineyard is accessible to the public to taste and tour the vineyard. Grapes of more than 60 varieties such as Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Reisling, Zinfandel resort, gift shop and bottle shop in Sula Vineyard are the beauty. The yard starts with 30-acres of the land but later expanded to 1800 acres. Buy winery in 10-20 discounts

It’s the first winery in the entire country. The scenic beauty and ambience of Sula Vineyard will give you a vibe nowhere in India. It’s one of the best getaways for weekend leisure near Pune and Mumbai.
Location: Sula Vineyard is 12 km away from Nashik Bus Stand.
Time: Opens at 11.30 AM and Closes at 6.30 PM
Cost: INR 250 per person for tour and taste of 5 varieties of wines.

2. Fort

Hari Har Fort


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Yadava Dynasty built Harihar fort in Nashik, you will see the ruins. Hari Har Fort is known as Harihargad in the Nashik district of Maharastra. The 60-meter rock-cut step climbing to reach the top approachable from one side only. There is accommodation inside the fort also don’t miss the rock-water cisterns in the centre of the fort. No entry fee is needed to enter the fort. Harihar Fort is 43 km distant from Igatpuri, near Trimbak in Nashik. You can access to this Fort from village-like Rakshewadi and Nirgudapada.
Location: Nirugapada Village of Nashik, 422212, Maharastra.
Timing: 6 am to 5 pm

Ramsej Fort


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It’s a small fort of historical importance, located at 14.5 km away from Nashik. So of Shivaji Sambhaji put a firm resistance on Ramsej Fort. It is at an altitude of 3273 feet. Ramsej means bedstead of Lord Ram, it is believed that the place was built by Ram during his 14 years exile. Ashewadi village on the foot of fort is the path beginning for Ramsej Fort, an hour journey from there. There is a small temple inside the fort but well maintained by the devotees there. A cistern is in the centre where you can fetch portable water. The top view is breathtaking for the huge plateau, Trimbak, Satmala, Bhogad.
Location: Pet Road in Maharastra

3. Caves

Sita Gumpha


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Sita Gumpha is the place where Ravana kidnapped Sita in the Mythology of Ramayana. Kalram Temple the place Sita devoted herself to Lord Siva is near to Sita Gumpha. A huge number of devotees flood into Sita Gufa or Gumpha every year. The cave is filled with impressive statues of Lord Ram, Goddess Sita and Laxman. Another beauty of the cave is the attractive age-old ShivLinga.

Located at Panchavati, Nashik, 422003
It’s open every day and there is no entry fee

Pandvaleni Caves


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The Cave in Nashik is for fun-seeking and adventurous folk. The activities you can enjoy doing are trekking, mountaineering across the dense forest. This enthralling experience is for nature lovers and peace admirers. The rock-cut cave is on the Trivashmi Hills. Children below the age 15 can enter the cave without any fee but the adult has to pay INR 2 for the coupon. The Pandvleni Cave existing since 2000 years back
Timing: 8 AM to 5.30 PM
Location: This cave is 8 km from central Nashik, Pandav Leni Road, Pathardi Pathak, Buddha Vihar, Nashik 422010, Maharastra

4. Miscellaneous



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Panchavati is a holy place for Hindu religion devotees and believers in Ramayana the Hindu Epic. The name of Panchavati is a combination of two Sanskrit Words Panch(Five) and Vati(Banyan Tree). Located left bank of South India’s Ganga river(Godavari).

The place has vast relevance to the Ramayana. Kumbha Mela takes place in this serene town near Godavari River, attracting a colossal number of pilgrims. Panchavati has many religious itineraries such as Tapovan, Ramkund, Sundar Narayan Temple, Talukateswar Temple and Narosankar Temple, Kalaram Temple, Sita Gufa, Muralidhar Mandir, Balaji Temple, Vithal Temple, Pataleswar Temple.

Ram Kund


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Ram Kund is situated at 2 KM away from Central Bus Stand on the bank of Godavari River. Lord Ram used to Bath at Ram Kund. It’s the holy place where the bone ashes of late people are dissolved called Asthivalaya Tirtha. Some famous personality like Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru, YV Chavan, Indira Gandhi and others’ ashes were dissolved in this sacred bath. Chitraroa a landlord from Satara built Ram Kund in1696 and Gopika Rao repaired it, the mother Madhava Rao the fouth Pesava. Devotees can visit Ram Kund any time of the day.
Location: Near Kapilaswar Temple, Panchavati, Nashik

Dudhsagar Falls


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Dudhsagar Falls also known as Someswar Falls is 9 km away from Nashik Central Bus Stand and 2 km from Someswar Temple near Gaganpur in Nashik. The waterfall is so amazing for hangout. The ambience is more scenic during monsoon for the profuse water flow from a peak of 10 m and greenery. The panoramic beauty of the cascade is one of the verve sights in Nashik Must take caution cause the water level may increase instantly. You must visit the Balaji Temple Near Dudhsagar Falls.
No entry fee is needed to get access to the place.
Time: 6 AM to 6 PM.
Location: Ambedkar Nagar, Nashik




Igatpuri is 51 km from Nashik central situated at Mumbai-Agra National High Way is a beautiful hill town in Maharastra. This hill station is a getaway from Mumbai and Pune. The hill station of Igatpuri is situated at 1900 ft altitude of Sahyadri Hills of Western Ghat. Those wishing to stay off from urban life and enjoy the picturesque natural backdrop Igatpuri is the best choice. You can avail accommodation at a budgeted range to a luxury hotel throughout Igatpuri town.