She Is A Woman ; Happy Womens Day

Parth Gulati
Mar 23, 2019   •  12 views

Though I am not a woman but I wanna shout loud to all the ladies and girls " HAPPY WOMENS DAY"! You all are performing successfully in your life right from your home to office or from school to coaching to love your life! You all owe a big really big actually humungous and heartiest congratulations.

While we all celebrate this beautiful day of your empowerment we should not forget the darker side , a sadening reality that still today a large number of girl child are aborted, number of girls cannot reach out to schools, a big number of girls dying out of hunger, tremendous females are victim of rape everyday, still a large fraction of them suffer from social torture and physical beating for dowry, number of females are being ill treated at their offices and still a number of problems your fingers will fall short of counting.

On this day lets take a pledge to atleast take care of one needy girl/women in our neighbourhood and not to turn a deaf ear on the wrongs being done to them. The greatness and victory does not lie in cherishing your life but to make this world a better place for those who have given up , who believes that the blown out candles of their life cannot be lit again. Lets give them a ray of hope. Lets teach them how to lighten a blown out candle. Lets revive this day with lots of love ladies.