Fast Food Culture : A Slow Poison

Parth Gulati
Mar 27, 2019   •  14 views

The first thing that comes to our mind when we have a ₹10 note to spend , is a samosa or a patty. Why not a guava or an apple? The reason being that these fruits are unable to fill our stomach so we rush towards fast food that have enough material in them to constitute 1/3 of our daily diet. One of the reason for its high consumption rate is the low selling price as a result the kids who have no idea about its hazardous effects tries to get the most out of it.

Busy lifestyle is what everyone has adopted nowadays. Especially in metropolitan cities where live is a havoc the residents there have no time to spend with their family and it is important for sustainance , the survival of fittest operates here and we are bound to live this life although we do not cherish being a part of this but when it come to a luxurious life style we are forced to do it. And here comes the role of fast food. An individual who has a job 9 am to 6 pm has no option but to consume these fast food that are easily, cheapily and available instantly.

Just few minutes and that hot smoky food is right in front of your eyes ready to be relished by you plus we get to eat something different from that daily daal and chapati. But we often forget that a mother cooks food out of love and fast food is being cooked out of greed with a motive to earn money.

What makes fast food so unhealthy??

  • High sodium, saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol it isn't something you should eat often

  • Eating too much over a long period of time can lead to health problems like high blood pressure, heart diseases and obesity.

  • Since eating lots of transfats could cause certain heart problems the FDA( Federal food and drug administration) has required that trans fats be removed from all foods served at restaurants.

  • Deep frying or using the same oil repeatedly is the main root of health issues.

  • Cold drinks containing high amount of sugar content seriously affects functions of brain and it's excess intake leads to insulin resistance.

Few Fast Foods you should avoid eating.

  1. Sugar DrinksWhen we take sugar calories the brain does not accept them as food. For this reason people don't automatically compensate by eating less of other foods and end up drastically increasing their total calorie intake.

  2. Pizza World's most popular junk food is pizza. It's dough is made from highly refined wheat flour and meats on them are usually processed making it extremely harmful for health.

  3. Vegetable oilThese have anti-aging properties. The hydrocarbon chain present in them breaks down when strongly heated and gets converted to free radicals. These radicals oxidize are body cells making us old and accelarating aging .

  4. Pastries , Cookies and Cakes . Made with refined sugar, refined wheat flour and added fats these food items are extremely unhealthy.

  5. French Fries and Potato Chips Whole white potatoes are very healthy however the same is not true for products made from them. They are rich in calories and easy to eat in excessive amount. They might also prove cancerous in few cases.

Dependency on fast foods has resulted in small children falling prey to severe diseases like Cancer , Diabetes , Coronary Artery Disease etc.

Sages used to live for hundreds or thousands of years and it was only possible because of their healthy lifestyle. Fast food has drastically brought down our survival age and people tend to die at an early age of 40 or 45. It is never late and we still have time to revolutionize the society and stop the consumption of fast food for the future generations to come.