What's More Unhealthy? Sugar Vs Fat: A Debate

Nikita Boopathi
May 05, 2021   •  7 views

First, let’s answer another interesting question. What’s more tempting?

A yummy, creamy ice cake, dipped in sweet chocolate, glazed with caramel, glossed with honey, topped off with slices of fruit and sugar sprinkles, with hints of chocolate chips and, a baby mountain of syrup dripping ice-cream.

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Or, a mouth-watering plate of sizzling hot chicken pizza, with crunchy bacon, sliced spicy hot jalapenos, fresh cilantro, and lip-smacking barbeque sauce with dripping extra cheese?

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Well, hard to choose, isn’t it? And that’s why we don’t choose between them. We relish both the versions of food and savor all flavors, not just because they’re appealing but also because the human mind prefers diversity in all aspects of life. But whattakesa higher toll on our health?

Simple. It’s sugar. The more the sugar, the more you disrupt your health. This might seem to contradict the opinion of many because, fat is the most popular representation of an unhealthy person, sugar seldom makes it into the picture, especially in the case of teenagers and young adults. But why sugar?

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Fat seems like the villain in our movie of unhealthy food rivals, but the most surprising plot twist is that it’s actually sugar who’s the real master villain. But before we realize that, we are already trapped. Fat is famous for its disadvantages that owe to causing chronic heart diseases, obesity, diabetes and organ dysfunctionalities, etc.

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But, sugar, the not well-known empty calorie food, increases blood glucose levels phenomenally at an alarming rate.

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Not just that, it checks-mate your heart and brings about autoimmune diseases and, the most feared, most despised condition of all, diabetes.Researchers have recently discovered that sugar in high levels, increases the risk of cancer.

Appearances can be deceiving. When we look at a fat person, the first thought that most people have are, he/she must be feasting on a lot of fatty food.

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Wrong. It’s not just fat, but it’s mainly sugar. The risk of obesity is much higher with the intake of sugar than with fat. Dangers in association with insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome are our welcoming destinations, on an unexpectedly quick roller coaster ride with sugar.

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Sugar is like a drug. Quite a controversial statement, isn’t it? Well, it’s not. Sugar stimulates the production and release of a neurotransmitter, dopamine. This dominates the pleasure and reward centers of our brain. This brings about sugar withdrawal symptoms and the repercussions of sugar addiction may trigger even worse side effects. Satisfying your sweet tooth isn’t the only time when bad sugar moonwalks into your healthy system, causing chaos.

A major portion of our daily intake diet plans also include high amounts of sugar, which we never realize until it’s too late. Cereals, soups, ready meals, nutrition bars, cold drinks, yogurt, juices, and smoothies are all packed with sugar and preservatives.

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It is indeed possible to resist your temptation to satisfy your sweet-tooth, but consumption of our daily diets that contain sugar is inevitable. Early measures must be taken to cut-off additional sugar intake in order to reduce the overall levels of sugar in our blood. It is of paramount importance to address sugar as a significant part of the category of foods that cause health disruption and not just put fat in the spotlight and blame it for all health-related problems while in reality, sugar may have caused it.

Having said that all, the most important thing to remember is that, it is indispensable for every person to take initiative to control their own cravings and temptations for a healthy life and a happy future. Because your life is in your hands.