Those who have seen the movies like “The Omen,” and “The Good Son,” the sole thing which we have learned is that kids can be little demons who can change your life entirely. The film director Nicholas McCarthy and his latest horror sensation “The Prodigy” also uses that concept of child demon a even to a further greater extent, here actually the theme is really different which shows that the child in the movie have the ability to carry the past lives of an evil, sociopathic souls and then act according to the soul and their messed up feelings and is controlled entirely by the evil.

This is what we basically understand from a brief clip about reincarnation of the evil in a child shown in the film, which is actually a clever and unique method for Jeff Buhler’s screenplay. While it misses the basic jump scares, but it actually does have gripping, nail-biting tension, the nerve wrecking horror that revolves around the family drama brings it to life.
The scene starts as from few minutes later after a sociopath serial killer played by (Paul Fauteux) is shot to death in Ohio by the police after being caught, a baby boy on the other hand took birth to a loving couple in Pennsylvania. The child is born to their family after going through numerous problems thus it is obvious for them calling him their “miracle” child. Also the unconditional love of both the parent doesn’t really stop when he begins to show not so normal behavior.

The little boy Miles starts showing really strange kind of knowledge of everything and amazing intellect which starts to grow rapidly through his development and doing amazing results in exams. His intellect was really quite amusing and strange for his age thus worried his parents sometimes. But those behavior started taking an evil turn when he turns eight. He intends to trap his own babysitter in the basement of their house played by (Elisa Moolecherry). His suffering of night terrors, and talking in sleep but not in his own language rather in Hungarian starts growing. He grown more and more violent day by day. The strange behavior of Miles grabs the attention of Dr. Arthur Jacobson played by (Colm Feore), who is an reincarnation expert. He informs and alerts Sarah, Miles' mom that probably a dark evil presence has trapped and controlling and feeding on her son’s life. To get the evil out of his body, they must find out first who is causing this pain and what is his motives. It gradually becomes a struggle of race against time to find out how to save little Miles.

The mystery of McCarthy and Buhler opens following the opening scene in which it is shown that a female victim is trying to escape from the serial killer’s home where she was abducted and caught and later the death of the killer by the cops.
The movie then progresses with Sarah, the mother and his Doctor planning and thinking how to change the life of his son and to find out the motive of the evil soul who's living and controlling his son. The struggle goes on and on between the son and his mother. The pain she goes through to get back her son is really a struggle and heart wrenching to watch.

I won't give any spoiler in case you're planning to watch it, because I'd suggest you must if you're a horror genre fan as me and would love a unique storyline without the normal jump scares.

The child actor who's also starred in It(2017) is absolutely amazing in depicting his role as a possessed child.

Let me know, how you find it to be!!