Alita: Battle Angel is the latest movie based on the Japanese manga series Gunnm by Yukito Kishiro. Kansas is where the original scene is set, a location that changes to a megacity of 26th century. The lead female character has unique big-eye look, like manga character. The martial art she is mastered in is called panzer kunst.

Famous actor Christoph Waltz plays Dr Dyson Ido, a tech-physician who specialisation is in the work for the very badly injured cyborgs and he is skilled at repairing them and andro-cyborgs. The Zalem is a huge spaceship kind of which which is huge place where every other wants to go as it is considered of legendary privilege , thus people try somehow to get rich enough because that's possibly only for the rich to go.

The Bad-guy in the movie Mahershala Ali played the character of Vector (centre) in Alita: Battle Angel who is the one having secret and his own connections with Zalem.

During his search for discarded tech parts in a dump, Dr. Ido finds torso of a dumped female android. He took it back home to renovate and fitting it together with the body that he had built for his daughter, who was disabled and who was killed in front of his eyes. He completes it and makes it so beautiful, sweet teenage girl and gives the name of his own daughter, Alita. Strangely enough she surprises herself when she finds herself in dangerous situations, Alita played by (Rosa Salazar) very strangely changess into combat mode and fights back with the bad people who were there to kill his creator or father and in that process experienced some flashbacks from her memory which eventually revealed that she was once an effective warrior. She starts realizing her destiny and acts accordingly.

Alita: Battle Angel is a anime - movie with big effects. And you may judge for yourself how do you like it. I just gave the overview but yet there's so much in the movie itself not to forget the romance between a cyborg and human and so much more.

You can definitely choose to watch this as this is of some new sci-fi animated in a different way with after all a female warrior and also the lead role, you can always give it a shot. It is unique it's own possible way and I think you'd also enjoy the romantic part and fun part of Alita's life, and for that you have to watch that.