Why Stretching Is Important Before And After Workout ?

Niyati Jaiswal
Mar 03, 2020   •  5 views

Stretching is considered to be the most important part of any physical exercise. Stretching should be a part of your balanced workout routine. It decreases stress, reduces pain and stiffness, increases your range of motion, and can help lower and your risk of injury, normally everyone believe that stretching before working out is highly recommended practice, doing a warm up before a workout stimulates the movement you’ll be doing to warm and prepare your body, and your muscles also gets warm.


Pre workout stretches, which are active exercises that take your body through the full range of motion, tend to be the best before a workout, because they prepare your body for the movements that you'll do later on. Most trainers use dynamic stretches, like walking lunges and leg swings, as part of an active warm-up to increase people's core body temperature and decrease muscle stiffness ahead of a workout.

stretching your body after work out is equally important as suggested by physicians. Stretching tired and sore muscles after a workout is essential as it enhances flexibility and reduces muscle tension after a workout.



Stretching increases flexibility of different muscles, it comforts the constricted and contracted muscles which makes the body more flexible and prevent injuries. You will find it more easier to bend, stand squat, it has been seen that leg stretching done after a long run increases muscular power.

Blood Circulation

When you exercise the body pumps blood faster and the heart starts beating faster. Post- stretching normalizes the heart beat and cools down the body and also beaks down the lactic acid, it recovers and repairs the muscles. Blood circulation starts again.


Eliminates Lactic Acid

The body produces lactic acid when you do workout, lactic acid which makes the muscles fatigue and sore. Stretching eliminates lactic acid that has accumulated inside the body while working out that’s why it is important to stretch.

Energy Booster

Energy level is steady and consistent while you stretch. Brain release endorphins, a natural and healthy feel good chemical, when the body cools down. You’ll be energised after a good post workout stretch.

Reliefs Pain

Although stretching does not vanishes the pain completely but it definitely does minimizes it. Stretching minimizes the risk of injuries and pains after a hard workout.

Improves Motion

If you use the un stretched muscle after a workout, it will give you better results. As the muscles needs to be stretched to their maximum capacity. It increases the motion of the muscles.

Muscular Synchronization

When you stretch muscles you give them better functional mobility and allow then to synchronize properly. It is a very common benefit of stretching, especially for the people who do stretch training.

Brain Stability

Stretching help to harmonize your brain, and relax, relive and stabilize it. Stretching gives you a chance to tune up into your body. It helps to take a break fir the sake of your mind and body.

Slows down your body

After an intense workout your body can feel drained and tired. Due to stabilized mind and balanced heart beat and blood circulation, stretching helps to slow down your body and provide it the energy for rest of your day.