4 Simplest Ways To Get Rid Of Nervouseness

Niyati Jaiswal
Aug 08, 2019   •  11 views

There are many situations that can cause a person to feel nervous. It can be any situation. Even when you are in public or with your own family or friends. Anxiety occurs when you are not comfortable in the present situation. It can cause you to stumble on your words. It can cause you to make a fool out of yourself in public. It can cause you to just plain freeze up. I can even cause you to turn around and go back the way you came from.

Nervousness is a signal to your mind that you need to get ready. It can sometimes be mixed with the feeling of excitement as well.

1. Come out of your comfort zone

Most of the time when it’s our first time doing something that is out of our comfort zone, we will feel a bit nervous but after we have done it over and over, we feel more confident about it. In order to feel less nervous about whatever is causing you to feel that feeling of nervousness, you need more practice. There is a difference between feeling fully nervous because you aren’t prepared and feeling nervous and excited because you’re anxious to show what you can do.

2. Control your emotions

You need to control your emotions when they overpower your thoughts, there are many times when you want to cry out loud or kuch a lot out of the discomfort within you, you just try to hide whatever is going on into your mind. You need to control the process within you, to make a balance of emotions in order to avoid anxiety.

3. Stop worrying

Do not over think! Yes it is true that you are your own critic but never misjudge yourself. Misjudging yourself is the major cause of nervousness and anxiety. Do not think too much about what you are speaking, wearing or doing. I repeat do not think "too much". But it's good to atleast have a view about it.

4. Be prepared for the upcoming situations or consequences

We all are mature enough to predict the consequences of the mistakes and the think we do. So be a little more understanding about preparing yourself for the same. You need to settle down in the ongoing situation that helps you to prepare yourself for the upcoming situations.

I hope, all these above points will help you to reduce nervousness and anxiety.

But you need to keep these things in mind at every stage of life or any profession or situation. You shall take things positively. As every phase of life is a part of life. And you are incomplete without it.



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