call me by your name, touch me on my scars , bless me with your soul .

Call Me by Your Name is a romantic coming-of-age drama film about a romantic relationship between Elio, a 17-year-old living in Italy, and his father's American assistant, Oliver who visits them for a summer break.It is a visually stunning movie with a star-making performance by Timothee Chalamet who shines throughout the movie. The film is beautifully shot in Italy with the summer scenes so beautifully cinematographed. It is just like a single malt which is mellow, intoxicating and very effective. Luca has done a wonderful job as a director as it has been clearly showcased by the excellency in the quality of direction of the film . Each and every emotion of the movie was felt so deeply by the heart.Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer's performance and outstanding chemistry in this movie is one that will be remembered throughout the generations. The soundtrack and Sufjan's heavenly voice just adds up to the beauty of the movie. It evokes the wonders of youth, innocence, the discovery of love and all its splendour and pain with humour and is quite moving.

Youngers who are not into a relationship yet can experience what it really feels falling in love for the first time through Elio Perlman's prespective.Timothée Chalamet has done an amazing job as an actor. One thing I personally realized after watching the movie is that love is beautiful and pure in every from. The homosexual too have the same intensity and desire for each-other that exists between heterosexual pairs. This movie particularly I think will change the straight people's attitude towards the homosexual.

The ending broke my heart and I cried and cried but all over I will never forget this beautiful and memorable story.This film broke me. I just surrendered and was serenaded and entranced in a state of purity and love and beauty. It's such a peaceful and sensual film yet so beautifully tragic it's like Greek art. It opened my heart to the skies and the stars and the sun. This film has inspired to live the life and love I am built for, to fall in love with myself and fall in love with nature and beauty. This film hit me like a spiritual awakening and it has never left me.This movie is like a fine wine and gets better each time one watches it. Although it may move at a slower pace for some American movie-goers, it is a wonderful film built layer upon layer until it delivers a powerful message about the power of first love heartbreak.

It is something those stories that you don't want to end though you know it has to. It is sheer ,raw masterpiece you can't blink your eyes, This film made me feel like I’m going through a heartbreak of first love. Its emotions are so unbearably raw and barebones. It’s beautifully done without being melodramatic.

The end is geartbreaking and we dont cut after the end scene but we sit through the pain and we dont cut through the feeeling because we are alive and thats beautiful.



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I loved this❤