The film “Super 30” perfectly portrays how modern day coaching institutes have hit jackpot of making money. Most of the coaching centres only give admission to those who fills their criteria of fees structure. They hardly care about merit while giving admission. The struggle of poor people is shown through the eyes of a man named 'Anand Kumar'.

The film is a biopic of an ace mathematician “Anand Kumar” who got opportunity to study in Cambridge university, but due to financial problem his journey to Cambridge university was denied. The film also perfectly picturize dark side of the politics of our country, i.e politicians and their manipulating of political power for their personal sake.

As the film progresses we see how Anand sir went from rags to riches when he gets the job of a teacher in a coaching institute of IIT. But then suddenly he remembers his father’s words – “ Raja ka beta aab Raja nahi banega, Raja wohi banega jo haqdaar hain”. This totally changes his mind and this is where the plot twist takes place as he leaves his job,to set up his own institute where he starts coaching 30 poor yet meritorious students to help them achieve their ambition.

Performances of casts of the films:-

Hrithik Roshan- He haven’t done many films in last couple of years and among those very few films his performances were not extraordinary either. But in this film he has proved his worth. For me he has done an extraordinary job in this film. He has been “ Phenomenal”.

Pankaj Tripathi –He started his career with small side roles but he is now a regular in both Bollywood and web series. The role of a corrupt minister is portrayed by him perfectly in this film.

Aditya Shrivastav- His role is of a CEO of a renowned coaching centre of IIT. He tried all he could to Impede Anand Kumar from continuing his coaching classes, although his attempts were unsuccessful. Aditya was quite good in his role.

Mrunal Thakur – This girl is certainly one of the best finds of bollywood in recent times. We’ve seen her in T.V serials before but in her bollywood debut she played the role of reel Anand Kumar’s girlfriend perfectly. In her small role she has done a terrific job as a debutant and has shown glimpses of her potential to be a future bollywood star.

Finally, The kids- The kids(rather the teenagers) in the role of the Anand Sir's students were just fabulous. There was a part where Anand Sir told his students to act for Holi in a public place and to boost their confidence in speaking English,he warned that only English language should be used in the act. That act in "Basanti no dance" song is one of the best part of the film.

Overall verdict:-

A must watch film for all. The scenes are very inspiring as they show what innovative minds can do even without food, money etc. The audiences will feel both the pleasure and pain of Anand Kumar and his students through the film.



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