There's no way in a million years that this charming country would diminish it's magic. The seventh largest country in terms of area has the biggest heart and tons of places you could marvel at. As soon as you enter this country, you will feel the colorful and vibrant vibe. India is also called the land of diversity because it is home to various religions. From sheer solace of nature to magnetic nightlife, India has everything. The most unique land will surely give you memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. There are fantastic festivals lined up on everyone's calendar. With boundless enthusiasm the country holds, you won't feel even a single dull moment when you are in this spiritual country. Visiting this magical land and feeling as if you are a part of it, is like a duck to water. It is not at all possible to look at each and every aspect of this marvellous land in just one visit and not to brag but even a lifetime isn't enough to explore what this matchless land has to offer. So here's a collection of the things which makes this impeccable land stand out from the crowd.

Pleasant People

The very fact that it is also known as "the Land of Diversity" is enough to know that this land holds a super amazing population. People in India are generally quite helpful and even if you want to know one thing from a person, at least two will reply. You also need not to worry if you don'tknow the directions because people here work as GPS. You will find people of all age groups with a bag full of exciting experiences and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious stories to narrate. Amidst all the hustle and bustle, several times you will encounter people fighting which just adds to the entertainment of other people. Even if people here fight but there are differences of opinion and not of hearts.

Lip Smacking Food

There's almost every type of food in India ranging from the sweetest desserts of West Bengal to the spiciest dishes of Rajasthan. India has food for every type of foodie soul with something special awaiting you every thirty kilometres. You will witness that in the southern part of India, people don't use plates instead they use banana leaves and eat with hands and this is surreal. Haryana and Punjab use a lot of Ghee in their dishes and the food is so yummy. You will find cafes, restaurants and dhabas all lined up to give you the best food. Starting from Kulhad wali chai in mountainous region to special desserts like Shrikhand to dhokla of western region to Chikhvi of north eastern region and to dosa and idli of south, India is all set to provide fantastic food which no other country could provide.

Breathtaking Places

The charming land has stunning places to see and the list is endless. India has everything ranging from mountains to plains to plateues to coastal regions and beaches. India is just the perfect pick if you want to rejuvenate yourselves and soak in the spiritual splendor. If you want to have solace, then visit the north eastern side particularly the seven sisters. You could witness terrace farming and rolled hills there. If you are planning for the ultimate adrenaline rush, try hiking and crossing the mountains and the toughest treks in the north. You can also take a bike trip from Delhi to Leh Ladakh and this experience is absolutely spell bounding making you feel at the helm. To be a happy soul, try and visit the best beaches in Goa and let the breeze embrace you, cuddle you. Dripped with marvellous architecture, visit western region and also do not forget to see the spellbounding sand dunes of deserts. It is really not possible to list everything here, so go and explore yourself.

Fantastic Festivals

Everyone in India has already marked up their calendars for their favourite festivals. You won't see even a single week without a flamboyant festival. With all the magnificent festivals, Holi and Diwali still tops the list. Holi is the festival of colors and you will witness the boundless enthusiasm starting to germinate in people two weeks prior to it. It is really a gem of a festival and you won't feel left out even for a second instead you will be so engrossed and startled by it. Diwali is the festival of lights which comes with a lot of happiness and energy. Everyone in the house is draped in their best clothes, eating sweets and family bliss is what you will witness. Apart from these two other major festivals are Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratre, Onam, Pongal, Janamashtmi, Durga Pooja, Christmas and Dussehra. You will also mix with the people, region and the vibe.

Once in India, you will feel like never getting out of it and the experience is matchless.The aroma of hope is always in its air. It might strike like a bolt of lightening but there's no chance that you will ever get to see a country like India.