Superfood is a word that is really trending nowadays. But not everybody knows the actual meaning of it. Read further if you want to decode its actual meaning.

Superfoods, according to chef Kunal Kapoor, are ingredients that provide you with numerous health benefits.

Indian superfoods are not discovered just now, but they are passed from generation to generation. For example, the medicated tea that your grandmother used to make using the ingredients Tulsi, honey and black pepper for treating cold and flu. Other common superfoods coconut and turmeric, both of which have a wide application. These can be eaten or applied directly on the skin because of their healing properties. For complete advantage, you have to include them in your diet.

  • Turmeric- You can boil turmeric powder with water, along with saffron and cardamom, you will get a completely different taste, which you'll like. Then, you can add the mix in your custard, ice cream and many other such things to include it in your diet.

  • Oats- Since these have no taste of their own, you can make them sweet or salty, according to your taste. You can also make your regular dishes with oats, by blending it with water and making a paste out of it. You can make oats dosa, oats pancake or oats chilla(healthier than the normal).

  • Makhana/lotus seeds- These are rich in potassium, protein, magnesium, fibre, zinc and iron. You can directly eat them raw or just heat them on a low flame in a pan to enhance it's crisp and then eat.

  • Gooseberry- This Indian fruit has many advantages. It is good for both skin and hair. You can include it in your diet by making its chutney or jam(murabba). Amla powder can also be applied on hair as a mask to prevent grey hair.

  • Ghee- It is also a great superfood. It is nutrient-rich food and free from milk protein. You can have it with chapatis or add a teaspoon in curry to include it in your diet.

When you want to stay healthy, eating right and working out goes hand in hand.