Jaw-Dropping Weightloss Journey Of Adnan Sami.

Nishtha Kapoor
Apr 10, 2019   •  101 views
They say miracles don't happen but I say exceptions are always there

We are going to read about our very own Adnan Sami today. The lift kara de singer is really an exception. He is a composer, a pianist, a singer and a great human at heart. He is a great singer but today we are not going to appreciate his singing skills. We will read about his immense discipline that led him from 230kgs to 75kg straight. Shocked right? But this is no April fool's day.

During his starting days, when he started his career, he was really obese. The problem arose when he gained weight beyond normal and his doctors advised him to lose weight, it was then he decided to shed some extra fat. He then headed to Houston, to start his journey of weight loss. Since he was a great foodie, before starting his fitness routine he ate everything that he liked. Then the serious journey started. The first thing that he focused on was his diet, so he shifted his regular diet to a low Carbohydrate and high protein diet. And stuck to it seriously. Since he was obese he couldn't start exercising in the initial days.

He stopped drinking alcohol.
So, he lost around 40 kgs based on just the diet and his strict routine, then he shifted to exercising and working out. It was just an hour exercise that he used to do the whole day, which included cardio and weight training. When he came out in public, everybody was shocked, he took around 16 months to reduce his weight from 230kilos to 75kilos.

To lose weight is normal(sometimes), but maintaining it is a great deal.

The tera chehra singer has done it and is successful in maintaining it too. He is really an inspiration to all. You have to have the determination to complete every work that you start. The problem with being overweight can be-

  • Sleep apnea(this happened to Adnan Sami)

  • High blood pressure

  • Increased chances of stroke

  • Type 2 diabetes

  • Kidney disease

  • Fatty liver disease

Now that you know that being overweight has a lot of problems and I have provided you with enough motivation, you must at least try to lose weight.

Here's to all my readers-

Never lose hope, if they can do it you can too.

It is generalised to life as well. Think about the result of your patience and work hard.

Thank You!