Ever been there when you really love someone yet you can't have them beside you all the time? Welcome to a long distance relationship, or LDR as they call it. A long distance relationship is basically being in a relationship when two people are close by hearts yet far apart physically. It usually starts when people separate after their high school or college romances end, or if they meet someone online and fall in love.

It surely does hurt a lot, not being around your significant other. What if you're really upset and badly want that hug which cures everything? What if you're really happy about something and want to celebrate with someone? There are a lot of ill-sides. But these things can be managed if you had a relationship before and it later changed into LDR, as they know each other physically.

Online relationships are something completely different. You haven't even met that person before. You don't even know how they would exactly look like. You don't even know how they would smell like and most importantly feel like. Whether you would be comfortable holding their hand or not? What if you don't like the way they walk, or the way they eat, anything? How can you fall in love without actually feeling that person? That doesn't seem like love.

But long distance relationships do have a good side as well. When you see each other after a long time, the feeling of giving them a hug and never letting go can't be the same as it is when you meet everyday. The late night video calls, texts and always being hooked up to your phone just to talk to them. Finding yourself sitting idle for hours and thinking about the memories you've made. Hearing them say that they miss you. It's just as wonderful as anything.

The major problem is that Long distance relationships usually die with time. It can be due to lack of communication, mistrust, or just by being busy in their own lives. It needs to be understood that they are physically apart, but they do love each other so they should hold on to each other as long as love persists, because ain't no thing more important than your hearts beating for each other. And as long as love is there, never let go.



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