Your Teeth Have A Lot To Say About Roots! Why They Can Be Great Reminders Of Roots?

Nirmit Shah
Nov 15, 2019   •  143 views

Yes, your teeth have a lot to say, a lot to remind us about certain circumstances of our day-to-day life.

By the way, it’s not a biological or health-related content.

But, it’s the piece that reminds us to be on track, even being ourselves.

So, here we go!

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A few days back, I went to my sister’s home because I love to play with my niece

(her daughter). And this is why I went there.

Well, my niece is 7-8 months old.

I’ve observed that few teeth have started growing in the outer area of her mouth.

And I’ve no clue about babies, so just asked my sister regarding teeth.

She said kids at an early age do have teeth but they are probably known as

“opalescent teeth”.

Those are of no use, just as a matter of existence inside the mouth.

And I searched it on google concerning

“which are teeth from that we eat.”

I found this!


Molars are the biggest of all the teeth

(Image Source : MedicalNewsToday)

I realised, though my niece didn't have teeth compared to where we eat we do have. (molars)

But there lies a common difference in every human being if we consider the teeth.

When you smile or show yourself to the world, then normally our teeth that are in the outer side get to appear.

You communicate, talk, chat, smile or anything. Very few of them are seen on the outside.

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Teeths (Image Source : oliverfamilydental)

Wait! What’s the purpose of showing such information and getting you bored, huh?

The purpose is to understand the roots. Understanding who we are. And how?

According to science, also everyone’s practical experience, we all chew our food with different teeth.

The teeth that are not shown to the world. But it is the most important part of your mouth, body. Isn’t it?

Of course, yes. This is how we eat, we grow and we live, eh?

Thus, it doesn’t matter how whitish your teeth is that you show it to the world. All that matters is the strength of inner teeth which in medical terms can be defined as Molars.

(Source of info)Molars are the biggest of all the teeth. They have a large, flat surface with ridges that allow them to chew food and grind it up.

Those are your roots.

Also, acting fake never lasts longer. If you are fake, then you’ll expose one day. Be real. 

And the interesting thing is, no one is seeing what you are doing and how you are doing.

Only one person knows it, that is the one who does.

When Teeth Bites Your Tongue!

Now, this is the thing I’ve heard somewhere. I can’t remember it from where. Let's see what's that.

Sometimes, during meal-time chewing the food, our teeth mistakenly biting our tongue.

Did it ever happen to your case as well?

Yeee, while talking to someone and chewing the food same time, hehe, lolz. It has happened to me a lot.

Now, what possible actions we take when it occurs.

Do we cut down our teeth? No, right?

We get silent for some time, having patience. Because we know, if it took place then it’ll need some time to heal.

So being still is the most appropriate response to all of our cases. Isn’t it? Why? As, tongue and teeth, both of them are part of the same body, that is you.

Thus, if someone has hurt you or you get hurt by someone else.

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Hurting Someone (Image Source : Essential Kids)

And if the person is in your family or the group of surrounding which is included your roots.

The place where you belong. The place where you came from.

Then do we need to cut down with them? It seems the same as teeth and tongue, buddy!

Will you cut those teeth from your life?

Those teeth, which has allowed you to chew the food and let you grow this much.

This often, daily. No, right?

Because teeth and tongue both of them are part of the same body, similarly we should never take those extreme & serious steps like “cutting down teeth” if the teeth bite the tongue.

Yeah, do fight with them, have the genuine quarrels and discussions, have your personal opinions, do not talk to them for temporary, have insane fights. But always stay together in oneness.

But, never cut them down. If this is where you came from, then those are your real gems.

Real gems don’t shine, they strengthen your growth being rooted. Strong roots.

Be together with your roots. Be together with your family.

Thank You For Reaching Out Here, Keep Spreading Wisdom!