It was a dream that appeared every day. It was a bit emotional and included so many sacrifices. There are plenty of articles, blog posts, and conversations about my dream, people complained about.

Let me explain what I am going through all day.

I get up so tired every day not having a peaceful sleep during the night as I wake up many times hearing some noise.

All my works are done incompletely; it can be from brushing my teeth, taking a phone call, or drinking my coffee.

I get ready for the office every day but having vibes like someone is puking or pissing on me.

I do hear very loud noises of someone crying or making noises which is extremely uncomfortable.

I hear the word “Why” 500 times in a day.

I wore a new dress but someone has thrown sour milk on my dress, the milk appeared again as soon I changed my dress or I don’t even have time to comb my hair continuously for 3 days.

I forget my phone every time when I put it down and I have to search every time where it is to make a call.

Started spending all my bucks on things like pacifiers, and cereal.

I see the same Peppa Pig cartoon on a loop playing for more than years.

Getting a new phone or buying something I love is no more crazy stuff.

My bed is full of toys, my room too and everywhere I step on the other rooms. I arrange it and it is the same as before after 5 min.

I miss going out with him on every date and outing with her friends, I miss sharing the joy and happiness about my hobbies, movies, and other important stuff.

But at the end of the day,

Her smile is worth a million dollars, desiring nothing other than such moments in my living. Kissing her forehead after I rise up in the morning and observing her face before I sleep is the greatest wealth of my life.

#This isn’t a nightmare, but a journey of Parenting. It goes on and on and on, it’s both heaven and hell having a child.