I flew high and

wore my pride in my crown.

I am one of a kind

who is of the colour brown.

Once I encountered a face

who looked at me with a frown.

I questioned it to know the reason

and it replied “Jealous of you!”.

Without any further due,

it opened its razor-sharp teeth

and began to pierce my wings.

I tried to push it and save myself.

But it was too late.

Half of my wings were only left

and the rest lying on the ground.

Withering in pain I was

and watching me, it laughed.

A strange darkness surrounded me.

Everything became oblivious.

The pride disappeared and that face too.

I fell to the ground and introspected.

“Now I will never be able to fly.”

“Was questioning that frown really worth it?”

“Did that face gain satisfaction from this?”

Suddenly, I sensed a beam of light.

The light penetrating through

my broken wings.

I awakened to a new hope

and a new beginning.

My spirits rose high again

and a realisation struck me and said

“Now you may never fly to live

but you will surely live to fly.”

And I said “Thank you. I will try.”