Why You Should Avoid These Topics In Any Conversation?

Nirmit Shah (Learning4it)
Jun 22, 2019   •  1972 views

Hey learner!

Whenever you are having a conversation with anyone, then you should avoid some controversial topics and topics which I'm covering in this article.You often have a question that,"Why should we avoid them?"Well!If you do so then you'll not waste your energy in thinking and getting tensed to such topics.

Because such topics will never make sense in your life as well as the person you are talking with.That chat will have no conclusion and in fact, you'll hate that person if disagrees your opinion or side.Which are those topics?

Read on to know more…

1) Politics

2) Religion

Yes!Talking about politics and religion results in the same consequences, most probably.See! We are living in a world where there is a possibility of a different point of views.To be more precise, human brains are trained that way.We believe in what we live in, in most of the cases.

There are very few people around you who do not take such controversial too seriously even after being in the conversation.But most of the people take that seriously because they are actually not aware of the endpoint of this.They are just interested in agreeing with their point of view.I've no issue regarding politics and religion conversation.

Have such a conversation, but the reality is, you will end up in mess resulting in hatred towards the same person.Have a political opinion, have a religion thing, but just avoid discussing it.99% of the people don't know the real meaning of religion and the actual reality of politics.

Even I don't know that, maybe you are one of them.If you are aware of such, then I guess you are wise enough to avoid that.Don't stay absolutely silent, instead try changing the topic.

Apart from such controversy, what I always take care in conversation with anyone?

(1) Avoiding "maybe / let's see"

If my friend or any person asks me for hanging out or reaching out for fun or any question regarding "Can you do it or not?"Then I always take of saying "maybe" or "let's see".See! If you genuinelynot willing for that, then refuse it politely.Try Saying “No”.Again, never ever let a person wait for your reply, just say the truth as possible.

(2)Avoiding "possessiveness"

I also try not to share my past things so possessively in any kind of conversation.It’s all-okay to share your experience if it is related or if the person in front of you is asking for the same.The human mind doesn’t like the talks that always relating to other’s lifestyle only.Human minds need surprises and different well-balanced topics to discuss with.Thus, whenever someone only talks about himself/herself, then mostly we don’t like that person.


It's all okay not to follow such kinds of stuff, but let me tell you this,Stay aware of what you are telling and discussing with.Conversation skills never get improved by reading a book or this article but a constant practice, however in epic awareness.Let's sum up this article via very cliche quote

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