When You Travel, You Change! Do You Know This?

Nirmit Shah
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Hey there!

There are a lot of people who are fond of traveling and they really have a hobby about the same.

Apart from this, let’s take the general matter over traveling.

Travelling might be of minutes, hours, days or sometimes weeks or months.

Considering each scenario of this, let me start with the title quote

When you travel, you change

Are you aware of this thing?

Read on to know more.

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Travelling Changes You (Source : tivertonlibrary)

Personally, I’d like to share my experience - story so that you can connect it easily.

Because you’ll relate this in real life.

Last week, I participated in a training camp for 4 days for volunteering trekking camps in future events.

I’ve found so many different aspects before reaching there.


That camp was about 150 km far from my home where the destination was totally unknown to me.

I mean I had never visited that area.

How to Reach there?

Using the internet, I’ve figured out a way to reach there via public transport.

Yet, it was a bit difficult task for me.

Because I’ve never traveled alone as well as not even prepared for the same.

FAQs and Final Decision

Surfing through some similar FAQs for this campsite, lastly, I’ve got a brief idea how to reach there, when and where.

There was my friend along with me, the same as me.

The final decision takes place and we booked the ticket.

Packing - Planning

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Pre-Planning (Source : Lockandloadministorage)

Now, it’s a surprise task.

As you exactly don't know what to carry and what not to.

Also, I had not gone to a training camp.

So it was totally unknown.

Somehow, I managed my bag reminding certain experiences happened in past traveling.

A few months back I went for Dalhousie Trek and seriously learned a lot there.

Where the most important thing was packing the bag correctly.

So that past experience has helped me here.


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Process (Source : asalesguy)

Normally, we don’t know what’s happening to us just before the journey starts or just starts.

When I started traveling to be there in the desired place, I was a bit excited.

Because we really don’t know when will we reach there.

In most of the cases, we are going to an unknown place yet are surprised in its journey or say the process of it.

When we travel, we always excite ourselves.

Our mind seems damn clear having no unnecessary thoughts.

Only, fresh and joyful stuff.


How awesome life would be if we learn little from our traveling experiences?

In traveling, you are changing subconsciously. Things change in you once you realize this consciously.
  • Destination

As we had used the source of internet for an appropriate path, it’d be a better lifestyle if we constantly opt the appropriate in fact right direction from the right source.
Because the right source is very important.

Say “yes” in the comment section, if you’ve experienced this as well.

  • Pre-Planning

Planning is the basic matter to initiate any process.

More importantly, it becomes easier if you involve your past experiences in it.

  • Process

This is a very essential phase in everyone’s life.

If reaching any destination of 150 km takes 3-4h normally, then it doesn’t mean in your case it’ll take the same.

Sometimes, due to disaster, traffic, or any circumstances, time may vary.

Similarly, there are certain proverbs saying work hard for 4-5 years never giving up on your dreams for a successful lifestyle.

But what if it won’t happen even after that period.

So, understanding that process requires patience yet a joyful behavior, directs a wonderful life.

Announcement Of next write-ups

As I told you earlier about training camp, the next 4 blogs will be on the experiences I’ve been through.

Each day I’ve made a mistake and learned a lesson.

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Thank You!



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