How To Plan Your 2020 Travel Map For Influencer Success

T Mike
Jan 14, 2020   •  3029 views

Are you a travel influencer or aspiring to be one? A great way to start the year would be to build out your 2020 travel map. To boost your social media likes, you need to be unique, extravagant and tell a story. This would mean that visiting the most popular tourist destinations just won’t cut it. Instead, you need to focus your efforts on a combination of personal style, unique locations and the story behind the places.


Select Your Budgets and Work Arrangements

What type of work environment do you prefer? Even if you are an influencer, chances are you will need to come up with ways to boost up your budgets while on the go. With that in mind, consider different work arrangements and opportunities that will allow you to travel more throughout the year.

If you have a stable job and can only travel during the weekends and your vacation days, make sure to consider that in building out your map. Choosing places closer to your current location or ones that are hubs to other hotspots will be a nice way to start. Always keep your list grounded and realistic.

Tell a Story with Your Travels

Once you have a general idea of the spots you can visit, start exploring whether there is something unique about them. Remember that to build out your following you need to provide them with value. Just showcasing the place in your travel vlogs or posts won’t be enough to keep your audience engaged. That’s why it’s good to tell a story.

Even if you choose a desert spot, chances are there will be something interesting to tell about it. Showcasing items related to other influencers or famous people might even help with your relatability.

To find your story, all you will need to do is start with a simple Google Search about the place and the stories should be able to tell themselves. Finding even more obscure facts, can be an even better booster. For example, if your audience is interested in musicians, you can check out queen naija ethnicity and story and share that her father is of Yemeni Arab descent, if you are visiting and sharing photos of Yemen.

Have Themed Weeks or Months

Another great way to keep your travel audience engaged is through themed weeks or months. Especially if you can travel for longer periods of time, you can tailor your travel map around a certain type of travel spot. For example, you can focus on the oldest Roman historic destinations in Eastern Europe. If you are visiting India, you can have a part of your travel map be focused around the caves in India. Of course, regardless of your choice, the places you visit are best to be spots you are genuinely passionate about.

Have a Graphic of your Travel Map

Once you build out your travel map on paper, an inspirational thing to do will be to build out a small graphic of your travel map. Whether you’d mark all the locations on a paper map or create something digitally, it’s a great way to inspire yourself, but also keep your audience engaged and entice them with updates of your travels.