Why We Always Need Focus & Concentration Tips?

Nirmit Shah
Sep 01, 2019   •  1055 views

Secrets to focus and concentration. This is why we always ask for its improvement.

We often try focusing and increasing concentration and stuff related to that. Yes, it's really appreciated that at least you are aware of this the reason why you've reached here, isn't it?

Most of us are going through this issue not because we don't know how to focus and practice. But, we actually practice distraction.

Yes, we are focused towards distraction and repeating again and again which most of us are unaware of.

Alright! Let us go through this amazing topic further.


Why? (Source : partnersinexcellence)


This will literally surprise you that the idea of eating pop-corn/snacks watching a movie or T.V. is part of practicing a distraction.

Wait, then what is the clue for it?

Okay! See

Suppose you are watching a thriller show of Netflix e.g. Sherlock Holmes. The series of suspense needs absolute attention.

Now, you are eating pop-corn along with a T.V. screen or a mobile in front of you watching a show.

You are neither having a real taste or fun of that snack nor paying attention to the show.

Yeah! Some of us are telling they're having the fun of both but in deep within they're not.

The energy is flowing in different places.

While passing through my college gate, I saw a boy smoking. He was having one hand busy over the mobile phone, another over smoking and the mobile phone attached with ear-plugs.


Focusing One Thing At A Time

  • We are talking but not talking.

  • We are eating but not eating.

  • We are watching but not watching.

  • We are thinking but not thinking.

  • We are laughing but not laughing.

  • We are crying but not crying.

  • We are reading but not reading.

It's not about you must do everything. But whatever you do, it holds the importance.

Waking up in the morning, brush your teeth only. Many of us have a habit of reading a book, newspaper or checking special media, emails at mobile while brushing.

Feel each segment of your mouth when the brush touches your teeth. Feel the refreshment. Feel your smile after washing your mouth.

During a conversation with the person next to you, just talk to them without any fidgets using mobile, books and all.


Distraction (Source : PJS Accountants)

In the concept of multitasking, there is a need for focusing one at a time.

We are misleading the concept of "Multitasking". People are running in the early morning having earplugs at ears which makes no sense. Either you run or listen to the song.

Once you begin this habit, then there will be no need for questioning your progress in focusing and concentrating. Right now even it's not if you understand deeply, you are focused.

You are just focused on different segments, instead unite this energy into one place.
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Use Of Energy (Source : Peter Barron Stark)

  • Eat while you eat

  • Read while you read

  • Think while you think

  • Talk while you talk

  • Cry while you cry

  • Watch while you watch

  • Act while you act


There will be setbacks and failures to this but still try reaching out again, keep aware yourself about this "focusing at a time" thing, your mind and body has the great capacity as a potential to do upon which you don't know.

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