Hawk-Eye, a technology, that is a computer system is used in numerous sports like cricket, tennis, football, badminton, and volleyball. It is usually used to track the trajectory of the ball and is used to display a profile of a statistical path as the moving image to take the decision over the issues that arise during when the game takes place.

The word “Hawk” itself means that something that is vigilant, watchful and has extremely keen sight.

The present study aims at using the hawk-eye technology in sports with regard to the latest trends in the sports arena. It is most commonly used in technologies in different sports. It is put up for a variety of uses like, providing a way to collect interesting statistics, to construct very suggestive visual representations of the game that is being played and helping the viewers for a better understanding of the umpire decisions. The Hawk-Eye is one of such technologies which is considered to be a really the top invention for various sports. The main idea behind its invention was to monitor the trajectory of the ball during the entire duration of the gameplay. It was developed as a replay system, originally for TV Broadcast coverage. Even the scenario of the hawk-eye invention and its use was discussed internationally, where they found it to be reliable for the decision.

Hawk-Eye is the first company to receive a FIFA Goal Line Technology (GLT) license. It is used in sports as this technology allows the officials to make quick and accurate decisions to try and interrupt play as little as possible, for making the game be played fairly.

Hawk-Eye Technology is also used to help the broadcasters with its visual representations, is used to create insights on player tactics. For example, in tennis, Hawk-Eye maps the whereabouts of an individual player that is serving, whilst also providing a map which is used to determine a player’s movement in the court.

Even in football, referees use this technology to determine the fouls and the offsides that take place during the game.

Tennis uses this technology to a wide extent, as in this, the players using the wooden rackets couldn’t generate the same amount of spin as the ones who use other types of rackets. For example, Rafael Nadal generates a spin of 330 RPM which wouldn’t be possible using a wooden racket due to their narrower head.

These days, this Hawk-Eye technology, developed by the UK Company, plays a very important role as due to this, the debates used to take place earlier and made the referees stand in a difficult situation to make the decision, and also causing the explosion of the frustration of players, is diminished. It has helped in taking the decisions easily and clearly and also saves time, satisfying each player.

Talking about the future of this technology in sports, since this has widespread usage in sports these days, it is apparent that the technology in the professional games is going to be more frequently and will also become accessible to the lower leagues. With the use of technology such as Hawk-Eye, it is becoming largely accepted in professional sports. Through this, we are not only seeing the technology grow for the decisions made in sports but also, we are seeing a growth in the training aids for sports such as SmartGoals (An innovative technology to make the training for the sportsman more professional and more effective). The future of sports look like technology and innovation are on the horizon, as a sports manufacturer we embrace such changes in sports and look forward to new things, that what’s new.

In sports, we often use the phrase “fine margins”, so this Hawk-Eye technology encourages the player to play the sport in a fairer and more gracious manner. It acts as a security for the players and the umpires and allows the audience to watch the sport without any hindrance of incorrect decisions.

Thus, Hawk-Eye Technology has played a very important role in taking decisions and playing a fair game in sports. In this world of sports, that is constantly changing, the requirements are also changing requiring high technologies to capture the game effectively and aid the decisions made within the game, making Hawk- Eye an effective technology in this generation for the effectiveness of the gameplay and the decision making.