Secrets Behind Experiencing What We Were Already Knowing

Nirmit Shah (Learning4it)
Sep 15, 2019   •  1079 views

Let’s know what we already know!

The most cliche thing in this universe is that the most cliche advice is always ignored where unlucky are those who don't apply.

Whenever something happens, most of the time, people say

“Oh! We know this, we know that.”

Let me take you to your daily routine life.

And let’s actually think as well understand upon it.

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Cliche Advices (Source : Peoplematters)

Most of us know that we should eat properly, but are we?

Many of us are busy in using social media for entertainment purpose only.

We know that it’s wasting our time most probably, but are we using that time?

We are knowing the benefits of physical activities, yet many of us are ignoring this.

Every time we advise someone else who's suffering from a problem. We know everything, we advise everything but why most of us are not executing it?

All of us are agreeing with the fact that the internet contains a greater opportunity to learn anything and everything.

Still, we are going deeper and deeper into some confined topic where it results in an emotionally unstable state.

During a conversation between people around, are we really talking wisely or just gossiping?

We all know we should focus on ourselves regardless of that comparison.

“If you argue with a fool, then always remember, there are two fools.”

Still, we argue, why? Because of that silly ego!

Knowing that the process is way too important than win-lose, most of us are always busy pointing out weakness.

Mistakes are lessons, yet we do the same mistakes again.

Again, the cliche thing, “I know.”

“I know.”

“I know.”

“I know.”

“I know.”

“I know.”

Did you ever realize what happens when we actually experience what we already know?

Lessons From Experiences That We Were Already Knowing

1. Most of the time, you’ll never hold anything so strongly.

Once, you experience a very cliche thing in your reality, then you will realize that not everything happens according to our usual thinking.

This is your self-discovery.

Though it seems you’ve experienced a very common situation, yet it’s a new one to you.

Celebrate this!

Exploration means to find what we don’t know. Self- exploration means to experience what we had known earlier.

2.End Of Beliefs

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Belief (Source : ideas.ted)

Beliefs are really too narrow because it holds you in one side.

You’ll regret things later when you realise the other side of it afterward.

It’s like a head-tail coin game.

Better, focusing on a coin, we can take action appropriately.

And in the end, we are having no fear to be on heads and tails side because you are allowing your mind to see every possibility.
Our mind is programmed to act on what we believe.

So do we better have no belief about anything? Well, it is also a belief.

Thus, in this universe, let us be aware of our thoughts and act accordingly irrespective to what we believe, think and imagine.

3.Forces you to think wisely

Whenever you talk to somebody, you’ll think even a little to have a healthy conversation.

Most of the time, it helps in building each relationship in the entire life.

It allows us to have empathy.

4.Ability to discover things all by yourself

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Discover Yourself (Source : shop.tangyauhoong)

It builds an ability in you to chase every struggle in your life, where it doesn't even seem a struggle or a problem yet a possibility.

This always makes you curious about everything.

Sometimes, you even act like a kid. But, it’s worth having.

Many times, you love yourself, hate yourself but never lose yourself.

Today in and day out, you are fully aware of your actions, reactions and every kind of emotions.

You will be mostly living in the present after this intellectual understanding.


This doesn’t mean to become stagnant and just get curious about what we know, knowing again and again.

Yet, it gives us a flow to rethink upon and just see the reality as it is.

The essence of this is to be aware of what your actions towards reality are.

It’d be wonderful to have this mindset and still you are progressing because learning never ends.

Real learning never ends, it changes, improves, repeatedly.