How A Help Helps The Surroundings?

Nirmit Shah
Dec 26, 2019   •  154 views

Most of us might be knowing the “Asking for help” thing.

But do we really know what happens to others by the same?

When I was 14 years old, I’ve learned to solve a Rubik's cube. 

A few days back I was in nostalgia while solving it. And realised how did I learn that, and here’s where my introspection leads to this writeup.

Let’s get further to a story of Rubik’s cube.

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Rubik’s Cube (Image Source : Unsplash)

For so long, I wanted to solve a Rubik’s cube. But in the end, I give up on solving only 1 layer out of them all.

One day, I went to my friend’s home. And what I found was, he had 4 types of different cubes.

Moreover, he did solve each of them in front of me.

Before this incident, I was believing that solving a Rubik's Cube is impossible. More likely it was a myth to me.

Damn! He surprised me with this. It has urged me to solve Rubik’s cube, but how?

To be honest, the day I’ve taken cube in my hand for the first time, I had promised myself to solve it whole all alone.And not using anyone’s help. I had an ego to show off the people around me. To show that how great I am to solve it all by myself.

This is why I moved back and didn’t ask him for help. After the month of trying, I thought to ask for help. Wait what I got to know?

My friend took the help of the Internet. Argh! I moved back again and thought to solve it by myself.

Not using the internet. Not using YouTube or Google.

Further, my promise didn’t last so long. Yes, I logged into YouTube and searched 

“How to solve 3*3 Rubik’s cube?” 

Seriously, things went far tougher than I was trying alone earlier.

Because I was not even knowing the basics of Rubik’s cube.

Along with using Google and YouTube, I probably learned this cube in almost 45 days.

However, learned to solve it completely after a week of this.

The very interesting thing has happened after this.  After learning the basics of 3*3 Rubik's cube. I solved 2 other different types of the cube.

  1. Mirror Cube

  2. Megamorphix

Yes, I again took little help from Youtube, but almost there was the use of 3*3 cube basics.

And yay, I learned them by myself.

What happens to us when we ask for help?

I had promised myself badly, so foolishly to not taking any help.

And later I’ve realised, one must know the alphabet of any language to start learning it.

Image result for helping friend talking

Help (Image Source : WikiHow)

Once, my classmate brought the cube in school where he was not knowing how to solve it.

And, the matter of sharing occurred the same way as it does with me. 

Yes, I sent him the video from which I’ve learned to solve it.

By the way, it felt desperate in a while. As earlier it always seemed I was copying the YouTube video strategy.

But down in the line, I do know that it requires efforts to solve it.

Yep, even knowing the entire path.

After a few months, one of them has surprised me. Because he was then able to solve 3 different types of the cube.

Whereas, I was knowing only one of them.

Related image

Ask It Genuinely (Image Source : skipprichard)

What happens to others when we ask for help?

I never thought my friend would solve several different types of cubes just by this single help.

And you know what?

It would not happen if I did not ask for help. Earlier at that time where I was not even knowing the basics.


I guess, asking for genuine help is to know the basics of the specific.

Besides, it is necessary to work profoundly and beyond anything.

It will not only help us but our surroundings as well, irrespective of time.

Genuine Help Matters

Do you want to learn how to solve Rubik’s cube? Visit here 

Thank You For Reaching Out Here, Keep Spreading Wisdom



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Abundantly true and thanks for sharing such nice experience 😊👍
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Glad you liked it!