My Top 5 Mystery Movies List

Mar 19, 2019   •  6 views

Recently, I am watching a lot of mysterygenremovies and I must say the satisfaction that you get,watching the suspense unfold is priceless. I can't describe how exactly it feels but here are my top 5 mystery movies which I liked the most, obviously there are a lot of mystery movies and there's a possibility that you may not like my playlist, that’s completely your opinion.

But I choose these 5 specifically because I couldn't able to predict the suspense and they are all classic cult.

If you haven't watched any of this movie then please watch.

1) Memories of Murder

So it's a "2003southkorean crime drama-filmco-written and directed bybong joon ho. It is based on the true story ofkorea's first serial murder in history".

This is byfar one of my favourite movie. Though it's not exactly a mystery movie but the story is so well crafted that you would not know what will happen next. One of the important thing in this movie is every character in this movie has been described fully and actors really potrait their role in a very well mannered way.

2) Old Boy

Another korean movie. This story basically revolve around a man who held captive and later released. The story starts when he tries to find who and why he was held captive.

One of the critic reviews- "Not to everyone's tastes, but if you have a strong stomach"then a must watch movie.

3) Primal Fear

Plot: "Young altar boy Aaron Stampler's life changes when he is accused of murdering a priest. Things take a turn when renowned lawyer Martin Vail decides to take up his case."

Old classic cult. Edward nortan and Richard gere have truly made justice to their role. this movie keep you at the edge of your seat until the plot twist, which is awesome.

4) The Usual Suspect

Another old classic movie. This movie is for all those flok who love Crime genre movie. This movie revolve around the 5 criminal who try to pull a hesit. In the beginning the story may be slow but the plot twist is really a master piece.

5) The Invisible Guest
A spanish movie, you must have scene this movie in recent release bollywood movie as " BADLA". But I must say that those who all haven't scene Badla I would recommend to watch this movie. It's way better than Badla.



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