We all know , youth play an important role in every society, every nation. The reason is that , they are young , energetic and there is a lot that their minds can think of. In this Indian Nation of more than 50% youth , i get this question that "Are they really utilizing their energy to bring change , growth? "

I am a youth from Hyderabad and i have been taught few values for being a good person , a good citizen . I am doing my engineering and i have noticed a lot from the youth of the city Hyderabad ( basic) .


Few students lack this. Every teen must be taught to respect every person irrespective of the Caste , Religion , Color (especially the elderly) .

From keeping a bindi to performing rituals , there are so many things to follow in this beautiful religion called Hinduism and every teen should make an effort to follow and atleast know the family tradition which will earn them a blessing.


Life is going easier and easier with each passing year by the invention of technology , but , i do not mean it in that way . I lived in my comfort zone for a long time that it took effort to get out of it and now, something pushed me to write whether it is good or no . So i would like to say to my youth pals to get out of comfort zone once in a while and never let your brain rust. I believe each one is intelligent . Do take out time to make things not go easy .


I learnt this point from my mother . Every person needs emotional and mental support at times and we often go to our well wishers to share our feelings . This needs to be practiced everyday with our parents and other important people . Let the students, freshers , teens keep the habit of hugging ther parents atleast once a day or a virtual hug and share their heart out. Even if the parents are busy in their schedule , the child needs make an effort or vice versa which will remind the parent or the child to keep a balance between work and relationships.

These points are basic and yet important and i hope , the youth start thinking with an open mind in serving the society and look this world as a global family.