That Strange Question Though....

Neegam Nain
Mar 14, 2019   •  30 views

I encountered a strange question on Quora that is "How can you live happily today if painful memories hold you back?"

You might have lost your loved one, bullied by someone and there might be any reason for a person to feel despair and melancholic. Certain people and events happened in your life that cause pain, an incommunicable pain, the pain that will be going to leave an impression in one of the chapters of your life story, you are going to manifest it as a blemish.

Some chapters of our life are painful, they must be kept unopened, you can't let yourself sink into the sorrow. Some events happen just to teach you lessons and make you stronger, indestructible than before. Feeling helpless, miserable, disturbed, torturous, unendurable pain as usual. Feelings are meant to be felt. Feel the pain, analyze the situation, find the insight learning from that incident and start focusing on yourself.

You are your own knight, my dear.

I accept the fact that it hurts but you need to decide till what time you are going to suffer and hold yourself back from happiness.

Is this the way you want to lead your whole life. Things happen in life, some might be unforgettable but you need to decide whether you want to live in your painful past or make your future happier.

People change, circumstances change and people evolve.
We need to understand the fact that "Hard times teach us to fight back."
No one can grow by living in the past.

P.S - Hope is what keeps everyone alive and gives strength to wake up the next morning. I assure you one day things will be different, circumstances will change and someone will come into your life in the form of friend, lover, spouse or well-wisher and eventually things will automatically get fixed and one day you will wake up and encounter that you are no longer feeling the pain in your heart and you are happier than before. That day you will be obliged to all the memories and events that have happened in your life.

As I always say your experiences are the main stimulation to your evolution, to become a better human being.

But, first, you need to decide whether you want to live your life happily or just want to drown into the sea of unhappiness.

Thank you..........