Everything Happens For A Reason

Lekha Sri
Jul 07, 2019   •  99 views

Hi friends!. today's topic is about what ever happens in our life is everything for a reason.

If we met a stranger sure their will be a reason. If we breakdown even in that their is a reason to built ourself strong enough in future. Suppose we got a Breakup then sure it's also for a reason.

1. You can change your mistakes:

Success or failure it's upto you. Dare to do things,and once if your choice leads you to failure then don't quit, stay strong and proceed further. Neither everytime your choice will lead you to success nor failure. Once failed, then make sure it's a stepping stone to your success. So evrytime you make some mistakes, you learn something from those lessons, then definitely it willmake you experience new things. Sure from those experience, you can change your mistakes. But always have faith that 'Everything happens for a reason'.

2. They don't deserve you, you deserve much more better then them:

So friends don't get sad or don't go through the deep depression for everything that happens in your life.

Each and every thing makes you hard enough to face your future.

I believe everything happens in our life is for a reason. Few people change, so that you can let go, things go wrong so that you can face them even if it is worst and make them the best, you believes lies and broken so this teach you a lesson not to trust anyone except yourself, and even sometimes good things fall apart so that the best things can fall together on you, sometimes your loved one may leave you so, that teaches you to stand alone and independent in your life.

3.Universal fact:

Each and everything in the universe happens for a reason ....You, me, and almost everything. We are born for a reason, living our lives here for a reason, and sure one fine day we are going to die somewhere for a reason. None can change those facts. Some times we cannot change things like, our looks, our nature,also our parents, right?. So accept things the way they are and before you die at least try to know the meaning of your birth here. Most importantly beware of things and believe that ''Everything Happens For A Reason'.

Know the reason for the happenings... life will be more intresting!